LP Latin Percussion

During the 1960's Martin Cohen became captivated by the New York Latin Jazz scene. Cohen wanted a set of authentic bongos but trade embargoes of the time made the Cuban instrument unavailable. Martin applied his engineering background and created a set himself. A few short years later Martin founded Latin Percussion. Using the Jazz clubs as his research and development labs Cohen refined the traditional instruments to add modern features creating products musicians truly love.

lp agogo bells - large (lp231b)

LP Agogo Bells - Large (LP231B)

LP Agogo Bells were born in the 1960's in response to the Bossa Nova craze. They are LP's interpretation of the instrument that comes from Brazil and are distinctly ... 


lp ganza - large (lp353b)

LP Ganza - Large (LP353B)

The sounds of these shakers vary between the fill striking against the hard plastic bottoms for loud sounds or against the softer, woven basket sides for lighter sounds. 


lp drumset timbale - 13x5.5 chrome

LP Drumset Timbale - 13x5.5 Chrome

The Latin Percussion line of Drumset Timbales are the perfect addition to any drumset or percussive setup. This line is specifically designed for the drumset artist who is lo... 


lp maracas - professional (lp281)

LP Maracas - Professional (LP281)

LP Pro Maracas are the most imitated maracas around. They are offered in matched pairs of one high pitch and one low pitch. This variation in pitch is the way maracas were his... 


lp bar chimes - studio 36 bar single row (511)

LP Bar Chimes - Studio 36 Bar Single Row (511)

LP Bar Chimes are designed for virtually any musical setting and are crafted from a specially formulated tempered aluminum alloy to provide bright sound and great tonal divers... 


lp plastic timbale head

LP Plastic Timbale Head

LP Plastic Timbale Heads for replacement on most timbales. 



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cp cylinder guiro

CP Cylinder Guiro

The CP Cylinder Guiro is a great value for students and beginning players. Versatile wooden guiro has a scraping surface that wraps around its body. A slot allows the intern... 


lp maracas - rawhide (lp395)

LP Maracas - Rawhide (LP395)

LP Rawhide Maracas are sold in matched pairs and have wood handles. They have a very dry sound, and in the hands of the best Salseros, can create the rhythmic drive to propel ... 


lp 08" micro snare drum (lp848-sn)

LP 08" Micro Snare Drum (LP848-SN)

The LP 8" Micro Snare Drum's shell is reduced to pocket dimensions: 3 1/4" X 8", yet it carries a big sound. If we were talking automobiles, it would be a hybrid, not a compac... 


lp rock cowbell

LP Rock Cowbell

This cowbell was designed with the drum set player in mind and serves the needs of rock musicians. It is made of 14 gauge steel, like our bongo cowbells, to provide added stre... 


lp jam tamb

LP Jam Tamb

The LP Jam Tamb is a great addition to any drum set. This tambourine mounts to any 3/8″ rod or gajate bracket. The 6 pairs of nickel-plated jingles produce a bright, ... 


lp generation ii bongos - comfort curve rims

LP Generation II Bongos - Comfort Curve Rims

LP Generation II Bongos are constructed of kiln dried, Siam Oak. The bongos feature hand selected rawhide heads, Standard 7 1/4″ and 8 5/8″ diameter natural ra... 



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lp wah shaker (lp351)

LP Wah Shaker (LP351)

The LP351 Wah Shaker produces not only a shaker sound but also multiple effects tones. By placing both palms over the ends of the shaker and varying the sounds by cupping and... 


lp rubber conga feet

LP Rubber Conga Feet

LP Rubber Conga Feet allow the volume and bass tones of the conga drums to escape. The LP637 feet raise the drum 1" above ground, creating a solid, stable playing position. ... 


lp black beauty senior cowbell

LP Black Beauty Senior Cowbell

This Sr. Model of the Black Beauty Cowbell has a similar shape as its name sake, but with a wider mouth. It is tuned a whole step lower in pitch and has a moderately dry sound... 


lp tito puente timbale set - 14/15 bronze

LP Tito Puente Timbale Set - 14/15 Bronze

Latin Percussion was founded in the 1960s, timbales were only heard in Latin music. Today, more than three decades later, all genres of music have embraced this versatile perc... 


lp richie garcia multi stem gajate bracket

LP Richie Garcia Multi Stem Gajate Bracket

The LP388M Multi-Stem Gajate Bracket features the unique design that holds three percussion items to be played with any bass drum pedal. This bracket has a simple rotate desi... 


lp torpedo - large (lp306a)

LP Torpedo - Large (LP306A)

The LP Torpedo is a dual-purpose instrument that features a textured, stainless-steel body filled with LP's shaker material for guiro-style sound and shaker capabilities.... 


lp rawhide conga heads

LP Rawhide Conga Heads

Genuine LP Rawhide Replacement Conga Heads. LP265A - 11" Rawhide Quinto head for Classic, Patato, Salsa, Raul Rekow, and Original Congas LP265B - 11 3... 



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lp vari-tone shaker (lp459)

LP Vari-Tone Shaker (LP459)

The LP459 Vari-Tone Shaker features an exclusive sound varying design. You can changes the sound quality simply by squeezing the shaker and will produce a tight to loose soun...