LP Latin Percussion

During the 1960's Martin Cohen became captivated by the New York Latin Jazz scene. Cohen wanted a set of authentic bongos but trade embargoes of the time made the Cuban instrument unavailable. Martin applied his engineering background and created a set himself. A few short years later Martin founded Latin Percussion. Using the Jazz clubs as his research and development labs Cohen refined the traditional instruments to add modern features creating products musicians truly love.

lp vari-tone shaker (lp459)

LP Vari-Tone Shaker (LP459)

The LP459 Vari-Tone Shaker features an exclusive sound varying design. You can changes the sound quality simply by squeezing the shaker and will produce a tight to loose soun... 


lp cyclops tambourine - red w/ steel jingles (lp151)

LP Cyclops Tambourine - Red W/ Steel Jingles (LP151)

The LP Cyclops Hand Held Tambourine is the most ergonomically designed, comfortable, and durable tambourine ever produced. The unique patented shape has been designed especi... 


lp qube shaker - studio (lp460s)

LP Qube Shaker - Studio (LP460S)

Okay…it looks like a simple wooden box. But looks can be deceiving. The LP Qube is actually a very high-tech approach to shaker design. A unique internal-baffle design... 


lp fusheki foot shaker bracket with maraca

LP Fusheki Foot Shaker Bracket with Maraca

The LP Fusheki lets drummers and percussionists play the soft shaker sound of a maraca with their feet. When attached to an LP388N Gajate Foot Pedal Bracket or LP388M Multi St... 


lp rock classic ridge rider cowbell

LP Rock Classic Ridge Rider Cowbell

This uniquely innovative patented bell starts with the Sergio Salsa Cowbell and features a yellow Jenigor plastic bar across the top edge which is secured with specially desig... 


lp deluxe black beauty cowbell

LP Deluxe Black Beauty Cowbell

Exactly the same size as the Black Beauty Cowbell, this Deluxe version has a highly polished chrome finish and fully welded seams. It has a brighter sound. LP Cowbells ... 


lp mount all bar chime bracket (lp236d)

LP Mount All Bar Chime Bracket (LP236D)

This is an ideal bracket for LP Bar Chimes. It mounts perfectly to the anti-twist plate found on LP Studio and Concert Series Bar Chimes for solid placement. Features LP... 


lp rawhide bongo head

LP Rawhide Bongo Head

Genuine LP Rawhide Replacement Bongo Heads. LP263A - 7 1/4" Rawhide Standard LP Bongo head LP264A - 8 5/8" Rawhide Standard LP Bongo head  



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lp maracas - macho (lp394)

LP Maracas - Macho (LP394)

Like the LP Rawhide Maracas, LP Macho Maracas also feature natural rawhide shells and wooden handles. Their shells are wider than the LP Rawhide models and have a lacquered f... 


lp mini merengue guiro with scraper

LP Mini Merengue Guiro with Scraper

The LP Mini Merengue Guiro is a 9 ¾″ H × 3″ D durable, stainless steel guiro. The attached metal, contoured handle makes it easy to hold in ... 


lp maracas - refillable (lp281r)

LP Maracas - Refillable (LP281R)

LP Refillable Maracas allow players to customize their sounds. Simply twist off the handles to add, remove, or change the type of fill to vary the sound for any musical situat... 


lp mike portnoy percussion kit

LP Mike Portnoy Percussion Kit

The LP Mike Portnoy Percussion Kit consists of an LP Rock Ridge Rider Cowbell, based on the Rock Cowbell. It features a red Jenigor plastic bar across the top edge, secured fi... 


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lp matador series wood bongos

LP Matador Series Wood Bongos

Matador Bongos feature kiln dried, environmentally friendly Siam Oak shells. Fitted cast aluminum bottom, Traditional rims, Natural rawhide heads, 5/16″ diameter tuni... 



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lp rainstick - crystal 18" (lp456a)

LP Rainstick - Crystal 18" (LP456A)

The LP Crystal Rainstick is made of high strength transparent plastic which makes it visually exciting to watch. The steel fill and plastic construction produces a louder sou... 


lp 12" rio repinique

LP 12" Rio Repinique

The LP Rio 12″ Repinique produces an authentic Brazilian sound. Drum features 8 tuning lugs and aluminum shell. 12″ diameter × 12″ Deep.  


lp 20" rio aluminum surdo

LP 20" Rio Aluminum Surdo

The LP Rio Aluminum Surdo produce an authentic Brazilian sound. New improved batter heads produce a pronounced deep rich fundamental pitch. 10 drum key tuning lugs, mounted... 


lp aspire cajon - blueburst streak

LP Aspire Cajon - Blueburst Streak

The LP Aspire Cajon is now available in four new colors....this one being the Blueburst Streak finish....so you can add some color to your playing without breaking the bank to... 


lp galaxy fiberglass congas

LP Galaxy Fiberglass Congas

LP Galaxy Fiberglass Congas are the finest ever made. The inside upper half of the drum, where the greatest stress occurs, is reinforced with Kevlar fiber, the bullet-proof... 



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lp stanton moore 12" pandeiro with bag

LP Stanton Moore 12" Pandeiro with Bag

The LP Stanton Moore Pandeiro is 12" in diameter and is perfectly sized for convenient placement around a drumkit. The pandeiro fits comfortably into a snare stand, or it can ... 


lp lap top conga

LP Lap Top Conga

The LP Lap Top Conga replicates the warm, woody tones of conga drums, in an instrument that's actually made of wood with the added bonus take-anywhere portability. The...