Mallet Instrument Method Books

Bower/Bulla-Bop Duets Complete

Bower and Bulla's Bop Duets Complete is a collection of thirty-eight duets in the bebop style to develop feeling for jazz phrasing and rhythms, independence in ensemble playin... 

Hartung-School for Vibraphone, Xylophone, Glock, and Marimba

Fredrich Hartung's School for Vibraphone, Xylophone, Glock, and Marimba is a collection of daily exercises designed to develop and maintain players skills. This book functions... 

Kreutzer-42 Etuden (Capricen) for Violin Solo

Rodolphe Kreutzer's 42 Etudes for Violin makes a great exercise book for mallet players. 

Jorand-30 Exercises for Xylophone/Hanon

C. L Hanon has adapted Marcel Jorand's 30 Exercises for Xylophone. 

Baker-How to Play Bebop (Vol 3)

Baker's How to Play Bebop (Vol 3) is part of a three-volume series that includes the scales, chords and modes necessary to play bebop music. A great introduction to a style t... 

Nettles-Chord Scale Theory and Jazz Harmony

Jazz harmony, as taught at the Berklee College of Music, is based on the so-called "chord scale theory." This method---further developed---is now available as a comprehensive ... 

Schluter-Studies for Vibraphone (Vol 1)

Studies for Vibraphone by Wolfgang Schluter is a beginning method book that covers the basics of the instrument and technique. 

Feldstein-Mallet Student-Level 3

The Feldstein Mallet Student Level 1 is part of the Belwin Student Instrumental Course is a course for individual instruction and class instruction of like instruments, at thr... 

Jorand-15 Studies for Xylophone

Marcel Jorand's Fifteen Studies for Xylophone is a collection of etudes that centers the students focus on mallet technique, music reading and overall musicianship on the Xylo... 

Richards-Mallet Exercises for the Drummer & Percussionist

Mallet Exercises for the Drummer & Percussionist by Emil Richards is a collection of instruction and exercises composed by Richards himself. 

Gilbert-Learn to Play Keyboard Percussion

Learn to play Keyboard Percussion from David W Gilbert is a carefully graded method that builds a sound rhythmic sense, develops well-rounded musicianship and emphasizes conce... 

Jorand-First Book for Xylophone

First Book for Xylophone by Marcel Jorand is designed to develop technique, reading and overall musicianship for students of xylophone. 

Zwickler-Tone Row Exercises for Mallet Percussion

Howard Zwickler's Tone Row Exercises for Mallet Percussion is a collection of 14 contemporary etudes in twelve-tone technique with 2 mallets for advanced players. 

Maroni-Fundamentals of Mallet Playing

The primary emphasis of this method book is developing the three essential concepts for learning to play a mallet instrument: (1) Learning the names of the notes on the music ... 

Milkov-Four Mallets Method

Four Mallets Method by Theodor Milkov improves technique and feel for players looking to play with 4 mallets. The question I have been asked most often during my clin... 

Baker-How to Play Bebop (Vol 2)

Baker's How to Play Bebop (Vol 2) is part of a three-volume series that includes the scales, chords and modes necessary to play bebop music. A great introduction to a style t... 

Blume/Spencer-Unbook, The (Blue volume)

The Unbook Blue Volume by Julie Spencer and Gernot Blume is a Collection of 200 Short Compositions for Improvisation. Much like a fake book with melody lines w/chord symbols, ... 

Kreutzer/Pershing-Kreutzer Etudes vol. 1

Etudes are (purposely) given few dynamic or phrase markings, though students are encouraged to add their own. Many of the etudes are marked with wide tempo ranges. Some of the... 

Chauviere-First Studies for Xylophone

First Etudes for Xylophone by Joel Chauviere is a collection of studies designed to develop technique and musicianship in the student. 

Schaefer-Xylophone and Marimba Method (Vol 1)

Basic instruction including music theory, mallet fundamentals, plus many short exercises, songs, and quizzes.