Mallet Instrument with Recording

Schindler-Precipice-M/Computer OS

Precipice by Allan Schindler is a four mallet work for 5 octave marimba and computer generated sounds. This piece explores the extraordinary range of textures, timbres, and pe... 


Number of Players: 1 (with tape accompaniment) Difficulty: Grade 5 Instrumentation: Marimba  

Lanza-Diastemas (2005-I)-M/CD

d...diastemas [2005-I], for marimba and electroacousitc sounds was written by Alcides Lanza for Gina Ryan in response to her request for a new piece for marimba ... 

Wesley-For Marimba & Tape (Score ONLY) OS

SCORE ONLY Tape (accompaniment CD) available as a separate item. 

Trevino-Warning Lights Are Blinking Red, The-M/ Prerecorded sounds

The Warning Lights Are Blinking Red by Ivan Trevino is a Marimba Solo with a prerecorded audio accompaniment. 

Heiny-Chemical Songs-Mall. inst. (online audio)

Chad Heiny's Chemical Songs is a welcome addition to the solo keyboard repertoire for young players. This collection is comprised of eight engaging two-mallet solos. Each solo... 

Mizelle-Polytempus II (SCD)-M/CD OS

Polytempus II by Dary John Mizelle is a four mallet solo scored for 5 octave marimba. 

Wesley-For Marimba & Tape/White Knight (Accompaniment CD ONLY)

The is the accompaniment CD for Wesley's Marimba and Tape and for White Knight . 

Hatzis-Phosphorus-M/Digital Audio Accompaniment

Christos Hatzis wrote Phosphorus soon after the death of his wife's nephew Cameron. Dedicated to Cameron's memory, this mysterious yet playful work sees two musical characters... 

McCarthy-Rimbasly (S/CD)-M/CD

Rimbasly by Daniel McCarthy represents virtuosic marimba writing at its best. Written for Michael Burritt, the piece presents many wonderful technical challenges for the perfo... 

Taylor, K.-Percussive Carols (SCD)-M/CD

Percussive Carols by Kandis Taylor is a collection of 8 festive holiday arrangements for 2 or 4 mallet marimba and CD. The purpose of this collection is two-fold: 1, to cre... 

Szilvasi-Unreal Motorway-M/Digital audio playback (Free download from publisher)

Unreal Motorway by Attila Szilvasi for solo 5-octave marimba with audio accompaniment (available for download at This piece is inspired by science fic... 

Cangelosi-Voodoo, Who Do? You Do-M or V/Playback

Voodoo, Who Do? You Do by Casey Cangelosi is a marimba or vibraphone solo with a pre-recorded accompaniment. Check out the video.