Mallet Instrument with Recording

Perez-Tesseract-V/Prerecorded audio

Written for solo vibraphone and prerecorded mallet keyboards, Tesseract is the result of composer and percussionist, Francisco Perez's exploration between the multiple aural "... 

Schindler-Precipice-M/Computer OS

Precipice by Allan Schindler is a four mallet work for 5 octave marimba and computer generated sounds. This piece explores the extraordinary range of textures, timbres, and pe... 


Number of Players: 1 (with tape accompaniment) Difficulty: Grade 5 Instrumentation: Marimba  

Lanza-Diastemas (2005-I)-M/CD

d...diastemas [2005-I], for marimba and electroacousitc sounds was written by Alcides Lanza for Gina Ryan in response to her request for a new piece for marimba ... 

Wesley-For Marimba & Tape (Score ONLY) OS

SCORE ONLY Tape (accompaniment CD) available as a separate item. 

Wesley-For Marimba & Tape/White Knight (Accompaniment CD ONLY)

The is the accompaniment CD for Wesley's Marimba and Tape and for White Knight . 

Trevino-Warning Lights Are Blinking Red, The-M/ Prerecorded sounds

The Warning Lights Are Blinking Red by Ivan Trevino is a Marimba Solo with a prerecorded audio accompaniment. 

Mizelle-Polytempus II (SCD)-M/CD OS

Polytempus II by Dary John Mizelle is a four mallet solo scored for 5 octave marimba. 

Heiny-Chemical Songs-Mall. inst. (online audio)

Chad Heiny's Chemical Songs is a welcome addition to the solo keyboard repertoire for young players. This collection is comprised of eight engaging two-mallet solos. Each solo... 

McCarthy-Rimbasly (S/CD)-M/CD

Rimbasly by Daniel McCarthy represents virtuosic marimba writing at its best. Written for Michael Burritt, the piece presents many wonderful technical challenges for the perfo... 

Hatzis-Phosphorus-M/Digital Audio Accompaniment

Christos Hatzis wrote Phosphorus soon after the death of his wife's nephew Cameron. Dedicated to Cameron's memory, this mysterious yet playful work sees two musical characters... 

Taylor, K.-Percussive Carols (SCD)-M/CD

Percussive Carols by Kandis Taylor is a collection of 8 festive holiday arrangements for 2 or 4 mallet marimba and CD. The purpose of this collection is two-fold: 1, to cre... 

Szilvasi-Unreal Motorway-M/Digital audio playback (Free download from publisher)

Unreal Motorway by Attila Szilvasi for solo 5-octave marimba with audio accompaniment (available for download at This piece is inspired by science fic...