Mallet Instrument Duet Sheet Music

Cook-Abandoned Roadside Chorale (2S)-2M

Abandoned Roadside Chorale by Christopher Cook for marimba duet. This piece was commissioned by the percussion duo Escape X. It is hard not to be curious about something hawke... 

Tanner-Duo Miniature-V/M/X/C

Duo Miniature by Peter Tanner is a duet featuring most mallet keyboard instrument in five movements. This intermediate to advanced performance showcases xylophone, marimba, v... 


Pramantha by Jack DeSalvo has been arranged as a marimba vibraphone duet by Arthur Lipner. Number of Players: 2 Difficulty: Grade 3 Instrumentation: Playe... 

Schmitt-Drei Skizzen (S-n2)-2M

Drei Skizzen by Matthias Schmitt is a jaunty marimba duet composed for intermediate to advanced player. 

Dittersdorf-Duo for Vibraphone and Marimba

Duo for vibraphone and marimba by Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf was originally composed as a viola and cello duet has been realised as a vibraphone and marimba duet. Num... 

Ignatowicz-Glinska-Silence Pierced by Distraction, The (S-n2)-2M

The Silence Pierced by Distraction by Anna Ignatowicz-Glinska for marimba duo. This piece is dedicated to Ryszard Bazarnik and Piotr Haensch Marimbas Duo. Scored for two 4.3-o... 

Johnson, D.-Shape Shifter (SP)-V/M

Shape Shifter by David Johnson is a duet written for vibraphone and 4.5 octave marimba. The composer uses repeating rhythmic patterns and "shifts" them into different keys. 

Houllif-Contemporary Mallet Duets

Contemporary Mallet Duets by Murray Houllif is an advanced collection of short duets playable on marimba, vibraphone and xylophone. The pieces in this collection feature 2, 3 ... 

Van de Vate-Two for Two (S-n2)-2M OS

Two for Two by Nancy Van de Vate is an advanced marimba duet featuring two contrasting movements. 

Gershwin-Swanee arr. Becker/Kimura (SP)-X/M

Swanee by George Gershwin (lyrics by Irving Caesar) was composed in 1919 when Gershwin was 20 years old. It was his first "hit" and the biggest seller of his career. Al Jolson... 

Ito-Mamarimba-M (2 players)

Mamarimba! by Ito Yasuhide is designed to feature two players on one instrument. 

Bach-Sheep May Safely Graze (2S)-2Mall. inst.

Sheep May Safely Graze by J.S. Bach is a familiar favorite that has been arranged as a mallet instrument duet for the intermediate player. Number of Players: 2 Diffi... 


Stagesquisse by Jacques Delecluse is a challenging but fun duet for vibraphone and marimba. Number of Players: 2 Difficulty: Grade 5+ Instrumentation: Pla... 

Debussy-Le Petit Negre arr. Aldenhoff

Le Petit Negre by Claude Debussy has been arranged as a marimba duet by Thomas Aldenhoff. Number of Players: 2 Difficulty: Grade 4 Instrumentation: 2 Marimbas 

Weiner-Two by Two

Two by Two by Lawrence Weiner is a vibraphone and marimba duet. 

Wirtz-Valse Valse (SP)-2M

Valse Valse by Daniel Nikolas Wirtz. Wirtz is a german born guitarist and composer. Arranged for marima duo. 

Traditional-Away In a Manger (SP)-V or FL/M

Away in a Manger arranged as a vibraphone or flute and marimba duet by Aaron Turner - this beautiful setting will be a highly effective part of any holiday performance.... 

Jolliff-Music for Marimba Vol. 1-2M

Music for Marimba by Art Jolliff is a collection of elementary solos and duets for marimba. 

Kaiser-Cosmic Constellation (2S)-V/M

Cosmic Constellation by Leander Kaiser is an intermediate duet for vibraphone and marimba. This performance features shared melody lines. Genre: Duet for Vibraphone & M... 

Joplin-Cascades, The-Sarcich-2M

The Cascades is one of Joplin's most elaborate rags and has been adapted for two players at a single 4 1/3 octave marimba. A light and cheery rag at moderate tempo which brigh...