Mallet Instrument Duet Sheet Music

Mozart-Twelve Duets KV 487 arr. Roy (S-n2)-2M

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Twelve Duets has been arranged as a mallet duet by J. Michael Roy. 

Wahlund-Four Sketches for Sam (SP)-M/Tenor Pan

Four Sketches for Sam by Ben Wahlund was the 3rd place winner of the PAS Composition Contest in 2006. This duet for tenor pan and five octave marimba is written to echo the... 

Fazio-Sonata for Vibraphone and Marimba (SP)-V/M

Sonata for Vibraphone and Marimba by Alfio Fazio is an advanced duet for vibraphone and marimba as well as the first place winner in the 2006 Quey Percussion Duo Composition C... 

De Pue-Serenade

Serenade by Wallace De Pue is a marimba vibraphone duet that could be interpreted as a study in octaves. Number of Players: 2 Difficulty: Grade 2 Instrumentation:... 

Blume - Friction (SP) - 2M

Brian Blume's Friction is a tour de force for marimba duo with audio accompaniment. Masterfully composed, the work consists of two movements—I. Internal and II. External... 

Zak-Four Duets for Marimba and Vibraphone

4 Duets for Marimba and Vibraphone by Eric Zak is a collection of pretty advanced performances. Sold as a collection of parts with a tiny score. 

Hatch-Everglades, The (S-n2)-2M/V

The Everglades by Earl Hatch is a marimba vibraphone duet for intermediate to advanced players. This performance is a reflection of how the Everglades is filled with life, ... 

O'Meara-looking at "r" (2S)-2M

Looking at "r" by Rich O'Meara is a challenging but accessible marimba duet. 

Spivack-Three Duets for Marimba and Vibraphone-M/V

Three Duets for Marimba and Vibraphone by Larry Spivack is ideal for intermediate level players looking for an obscure work. 

Debussy-Arabesque No. 1 arranged Sahashi (S-n2)-2M

Claude Debussy's famous Arabesque No. 1, arranged for 2 marimbas by Toshihiko Sahashi. Number of players: 2 Difficulty: Advanced Instrumentation Player... 

Pawassar-Sculpture 1 arr. Jose (SP)-2M

Sculpture 1 is a marimba duo arrangement by Evan Jose of Rudiger Pawassar's well-known marimba quartet Sculpture In Wood, which was originally composed in 1995 and dedicate... 

Daughtrey-Duets for an Occasion (SP)-V/M

Duets for an Occasion by Nathan Daughtrey was designed to provide a multitude of performance opportunities for vibraphone/marimba duo through arrangements of popular classical... 

Houllif-Conversations (SP)-V/M

Conversations by Murray Houllif is a challenging recital work for two skilled mallet players. 

Tsubonoh-Fantom Fire-2M

Fantom Fire by Katsuhiro Tsubonoh is a contemporary mallet instrument duet for the advanced player. This piece explores lots of innovative mallet techniques. 

Goossens-Old Musical-Box, The(2S)-Schmidt-X/M

The Old Music Box by Eugene Goossens is a mallet instrument duet scored for xylophone and marimba. Number of Players: 2 Difficulty: Grade 4 Instrumentation: ... 

Handel-Joy to the World arr. Turner (SP)-V or FL/1-4M

Joy to the World arranged by Aaron Turner for vibraphone or flute solo with marimba accompaniment will be a highly effective part of any Holiday performance. Options i... 

Schmitt-Flow-M (2 players)

Flow by Matthias Schmitt is a duet written for one 5 octave marimba. Each player uses four mallets. 

Daughtrey-Duology (SP)-Mall. inst./P

Duology is a collection of duets was designed to give young percussionists the opportunity to grow as musicians by collaborating with friends. The book is divided into four se... 

Sejourne-Calienta DUO VERSION (SP)-V/M or GT

Number of players: 2 Difficulty: Advanced Instrumentation: Player 1: Marimba (5 octave) or guitar Player 2: Vibraphone ... 


Recitative by Daniel Levitan is an advanced level vibraphone and marimba duet.