Mallet Instrument Duet Sheet Music

Czerny-Fifteen Small Pieces-Delecluse

Fifteen Small Pieces Carl Czerny has been arranged as a mallet duet by Jacques Delecluse. Each piece increases in difficulty. Number of Players: 2 Difficulty: Grade ... 


Sonatine by Gitta Steiner is a fairly advanced duet for vibraphone and marimba. This performance explores the interplay between melody, rhythm and the space inbetween. 

Telemann-Canonic Sonata No 5 in A major arr. Moore-2M

Canonic Sonata No 5 in A major by Georg Philipp Telemann is one of the best known canonic sonatas by this composer. Can be performed on any two mallet instruments, or by a mal... 

Loh-Floh-Walzer arr. Klemke (SP)-2M

Floh-Walzer (Flea Waltz) arranged by Peter Klemke for Marimba Duo. This very simple and popular piano piece of doubtful origin, anonymous or as some claim by Ferdinand... 

Blume-Songs of Eden (2S)-V/M

In this collection of five duets for marimba (low A) and vibraphone, Brian Blume brings contemporary literature within reach of younger players. They are intended to reflect o... 

Trevino-Driven (SP)-V/M/P/prerecorded audio

Ivan Trevino wanted to push the envelope with Driven. It requires each player to simultaneously perform on a mallet instrument while also navigating a kick drum and a snare dr... 

Nuyts-Give Me Your Bunch of Fives (2S)-2M

Give Me Your Bunch of Fives by Frank Nuyts is an advanced marimba duet that explores many different time signatures creating a performance of extreme a "count" ability. 

Pershing-Contemporary Mallet Duets (w/CD)

Contemporary Mallet Duets by Karen Ervin Pershing is a collection of 12 two-mallet duets for intermediate players. Most of these pieces can be played on any keyboard instrumen... 

Zempleni-Percussion Music in Pairs for Beginners (S)-V/M

Percussion Music in Pairs for Beginners by Laszlo Zempleni is a collection mallet duets for beginning players. 

Udow-Sandsteps I

This percussion duo begins with both players performing a slow lyrical contrapuntal melody at a 4 1/3 octave "low A" marimba which melds into a second section completely impro... 

Mozart-Allegro from Sonata in C K. 545 (SP)-2 mall. inst.

Allegro from Sonata in C Major by W. A. Mozart arranged for mallet duet by Ruth Jeanne. This is a transcription of the first movement of one of Mozart's best known piano solo ... 

Steiner-Duo for Vibraphone and Marimba-M/V

Duo for Vibraphone and Marimba by Gitta Steiner is a challenging duet, even for the advanced players. 

Hause-Circe (Duo version-2S)-M/V OS

Hause by Evan Circe was originally composed for a solo player using six mallets. This is the marimba duet version. 

Halt-Chants de la Nuit, Les (SP)-M/FL

Les Chants de la Nuit by Markus Halt is a duet for flute and marimba. Score and parts included. Written for five octave marimba. 

Stensgaard-Frutta Fresca(SP)-M/V

Frutta Fresca by Kai Stensgaard is a challenging duet for marimba and vibraphone for the medium to advanced player. 

Scarlatti-Sonata in D Minor-Allegro K.141 arr. Ovalle (SP)-2M

Sonata in D Minor Allegro K.141 by Domenico Scarlatti arranged for marimba duet by Jonathan Ovalle. Scored for 4.3-octave marimba and 5-octave marimba. In order to create maxi... 

Schumann-Six Pieces from Album for the Young arr. Stengert-M

Gerhard Stengert has arranged 6 Pieces from the Album for the Young by Robert Schumann for 2 players on one marimba. 

Mace-Crossed Points of View (SP)-V/M

Crossed Points of View is one two new works by Philippe Mace for vibraphone and marimba duo! This work includes the score and separate parts for each instrument. Feat... 

Hearne-Forcefield (S-n2)-V/VA

Forcefield by Ted Hearne is a short concert piece for viola and vibraphone. Forcefield is the central movement from a larger work for viola and small chamber ensemble, Once th... 

Helble-Duo Concertante for Vibraphone and Marimba (P)-V/M

Duo Concertante by Raymond Helble for vibraphone and 5-octave marimba. The composer writes, "The style has a baroque flavor, offering players and audiences to hear the materia...