Mallet Instrument Duet Sheet Music

Cosentino-Revelacion (P-NO SCORE)-2M

Revelacion by Saul Cosentino is an intermediate marimba duet. This piece is a collection of parts with no score. 

Boccherini-Menuett arr. Klemke (SP)-V/M

Menuett by Luigi Boccherini – arranged by Peter Klemke for marimba and vibraphone duet. This music is from Boccherini´s "String Quintet in E, Op. 11, No. 5". 

Chen-Two Images for Vibraphone & Piano (SP)-V/PN

Two Images for Vibraphone and Piano by Ting-Chuan Chen was the first place winner of the Percussive Arts Society Italy Composition Contest in 2013. The two images include Midn... 

Stout-Somewhere In Africa There's a Whirlwind (SP)-2M

Somewhere in Africa There's a Whirlwind by Gordon Stout for marimba duet. This exciting virtuosic work was written for Marco Schirripa and Sean Gill is scored for two five oct... 

Schulze-Dark Sky (SP)-2M

Dark Sky by Dustin Schulze for marimba duet. This piece is a dark, intimate journey through a foreboding landscape. Its themes are driven by subtly difficult rhythmic challeng... 

Wiesner-It Rained on Bali (2S)-M/V

It Rained on Bali by Urs Wiesner is a marimba and vibraphone duet composed for the mallet duo album, Blue Snow by wiener & Wiesner. 

Wooldridge-Diamond Hill(requires one 5 oct. mar.)

Diamond Hill by Marc Wooldridge is an up-tempo marimba duet that can be played on one 5-octave instrument (it can also easily be adapted to a 4 1/3 octave instrument). 

Fink, S.-Shadows

Shadows by Siegfried Fink is a duet for marimba and vibraphone for the intermediate player. Number of Players: 2 Difficulty: Grade 3 Instrumentation: Pla... 

Koors - Merge (SP)-2M

Merge by Zachary M. Koors is a duet for two marimbas that is upbeat, fun to play, pretty and useable for a wedding ceremony. The syncopation and rhythmic exchange is reminisce... 

Houllif-Classics for Two-2 mall. inst.

Duets are essential to all students, not only are they fun, they are great for inspiring diligent practice and attention to detail. The 8 pieces that comprise Murray Houllif's... 

Wiener-Home-Made (2S)-V/M

Home-Made by Ruud Wiener is an intermediate duet for marimba and vibraphone. The sticking and pedal markings in the sheet music are suggestions, they are not binding. 


Recardo by Max Leth is an advanced duet for Marimba and Vibraphone with a bossa nova feel. 


Echoes by Richard LeVan is a challenging marimba duet that includes the use of some auxiliary percussion like wind chimes and a tam tam. 

Izzo-Travelogue for Marimba Duo (SP)-2M

Travelogue for Marimba Duo by Alphonse Izzo is a challenging piece for a marimba duet. 

Strauss-Waltzing with Strauss arr. Moore (SP)-2 mall. inst.

Waltzing With Strauss by Johann Strauss, Jr. arranged by James L. Moore. This duet arrangement is playable with both parts on one 4.5 octave (low F) marimba or larger. When pe... 

Elster-Early Music (SP)-2M SVITZER EDITION

Early Music arranged for marimba duo by Martin Elster. This collection of medieval and Renaissance music arranged for two 4.3-octave marimbas includes individual parts and a s... 

Laborie-Bastringue(S-n2)-2 mall inst

Bastringue by Pascal Laborie is a mallet an intermediate level mallet instrument duet. This arrangement can be played three different ways; first, 2 marimbas, second, vibrapho... 

Iscan-Anatolian Dances (SP)-2M

Anatolian Dances by C Can Iscan is a marimba duet featuring elements of Turkish folk music. 

Bartok-Three Romanian Dances arr. Slawson (SP)-B/V

Brian Slawson has brilliantly arranged Bela Bartok's simple folk melodies for vibraphone and glockenspiel, making them accessible to young percussionists. Because of their tra... 

Bach-Gigue and Double arr. Venet (SP)-V/M

Initially performed by the arranger as a marimba solo, Andrea Venet arranges these two movements from Bach's Lute Suite in C Minor for Marimba and Vibraphone. Fluid polyphony,...