Mallet Instrument Duet Sheet Music

Stengert-Fantasia (SP)-M/HN or SX

Fantasia for Saxophone and 5 Octave Marimba by Gerhard Stengert was commissioned by Matthias Berg. It was premiered in May 2009 by himself and Katarzyna Mycka at the Stadthall... 

Cohen-Happy Fugue 'N Birthday (SP)-V/M

Happy Fugue'N Birthday by Robert Cohen for vibraphone and marimba duet. This challenging adaptation of a familiar tune undergoes a variety of permutations, some subtle and som... 

Bach-Toccata and Fugue in d minor arr. Komljenovic (SP)- 2M

This transcription of Bach's famous Toccata and Fugue in d minor was made to offer thoughtful solutions, always keeping in mind Bach's musical intent. Therefore, the transcrip... 

Morel-Fantasia de la Danza (SP)-2M

Fantasia de la Danza by Jorge Morel is a challenging arrangement for 2 marimbas that is exciting for the audience. Arranged by Richard K. LeVan. 

Giesecke-Absolute Draws Near Lydia(SP)-V/M

Absolute Draws Near Lydia by Mark Andreas Giesecke is an intermediate level marimba vibraphone duet. Number of Players: 2 Difficulty: Grade 4+ Instrumentation: ... 

Miller, A.-Banging(,) Pots & Pans (SP)-2M

Banging(,) Pots & Pans by Alex Miller is a duet for two marimbas. As the parenthesized comma suggests, the title is not so much an expression but a list. Each is the title of ... 

Griffin-Kusanganisa (SP)-2M/FL

Kusanganisa by Charles B Griffin is a flute solo with marimba duet accompaniment commissioned by the Queens Council on the Arts for the Ensemble Percussia. Number of Pl... 

Young-Festivities (SP)-2M

Festivities by Charles Young is an energetic marimba duet. A perfectly jaunty show finale or encore. 

Wilding-For Mallets (2S)-B/V/2C/2X/M

For Mallets by Raymond Wilding White is a collection of original pieces scored as mallet duets for intermediate to advanced players. 

Paliev-Scenes from Bulgaria(2S)-V/M

Scenes from Bulgaria by Dobri Paliev is a marimba vibraphone duet that reflects on the composers homeland of Bulgaria. 

Svoboda-Duo for Xylophone and Marimba Op. 141 (SP)-X/M

Duo for Xylophone and Marimba Op. 141 by Tomas Svoboda is an energetic xylophone and marimba duet for intermediate to advanced players. 

Bartos-Drei Kleine Stucke-X/V

Number of Players : 2 Difficulty: Grade 3+ Instrumentation: Player I: Xylophone Player II: Vibraphone  

Cosentino-Toccata Portena (P-NO SCORE)-2M

Toccata Portena is composed as a Marimba Duet by Saul Cosentino 

Kovins-Distinctive Duets (SP)-V/M

Distinctive Duets by David Kovins is a set of twelve challenging duets (vibraphones or marimbas) in a variety of styles: Classical, Jazz, Latin, Country, Rock, and Blues - som... 

Friedman-Four Little Renaissance and Baroque Pieces-M

Regarding the pieces he chose for his collection of Four Little Renaissance and Baroque Pieces, David Friedman says: There is a charming innocence to these pieces, ye... 

Smith, J.B.-Ringing Webs of Metal Threads(SP)-2V

Ringing Webs of Metal Threads by J.B Smith is an advanced Vibraphone duet. 

Grassano-Etude for Two Marimbas(2S)

Etude for Two Marimbas by Thomas D. Grassano is scored utilizing two and four mallet technique. written in a twentieth century tech nique this performance features a wide swat... 

Scarmolin-Duet Time-2 mall inst

Duet Time by Louis Scarmolin is a collection of fun and stylistically diverse mallet duets for the beginner to intermediate player. 

Strauss-Pizzicato Polka(2S) arr. Klemke-2 mall inst

This version of Pizzicato Polka by Johann Strauss Jr has been arranged as a marimba duet by Peter Klemke. 

Smith, A.-Guitar Boogie(SP) arr. Jeanne-M

Guitar Boogie by Arthur Smith has been arranged as a marimba duet by Ruth Jeanne. This arrangement can be performed on one four octave instrument.