Mallet Instrument Parts

Musser Vibraphone Upper Pull Rod Assembly

This Musser Upper Pull Rod is what connects the vibraphone's dampener to the pedal allowing the system to function. This rod can be used on M55, M44, and M48S Vi... 

Musser Vibe Belt for M-48/M-58/M-75 Vibraphone

Replacement Musser Vibraphone belt fits model M48, M58 and M75. 

Yamaha Replacement Vibraphone Belt For YV3710 / YV3910 / YV4110

Yamaha Replacement Vibraphone Belt is made of durable plastic material and fits models YV3710, YV3910 and YV4110. 

Adams Ball Cup

This Adams Ball Cup takes a 5mm thread and is part of the damper mechanism. Sold Individually  

Musser E0590T Rubber bushings forBells

This set Musser Rubber bushings fit the orchestral bells M645 and M646 bells. Sold in a pack of 10  

Adams Steel Spring for Adjusting Vibraphone or Glockenspiel Dampener

This Adams Steel Spring is for Adjusting Vibraphone or Glockenspiel Dampeners. 

Adams Chimes Endurance Field Frame Add-On Wheel Base

Adams Endurance Field Frame Add-on Wheels / Base for any model Adams chimes manufactured 2016 or later. Add this item to any Adams set of chimes and turn it into an outdoor-fr... 

Adams Wing Screw PB510 - 8mm x 25mm

The Adams Wing Screw PB510 measures 8mm x 25mm and is used in the end pieces of Adams Field Frames. 8mm x 25mm Sold individually  

Yamaha YVD20 Quiet Vibraphone Motor for YV-3030MS Vibraphone

A great features of the Yamaha YVD20 Quiet Vibraphone Motor is the pause memory. This allows the fans to stop in the same position every time the motor is stopped. This fea... 

Adams Stud Bolt

The Adams Damper Bar Linkage Assembly. Includes 2 PBX12, 1 PB178, & 1 PB168 Sold Individually  

Musser White Bar Cord (2pack)

This Musser Bar Cord is used for M645/M646 Bells and is sold in a 2 pack. 

Marimba One Bar Cord for 5 Octave Marimbas

The Marimba One Bar Cord Replacement Set includes enough cord to restring a Marimba One 5-Octave Marimba. The cord was custom designed to eliminate cord noise and includes shr... 

Adams Open Wing Nut - 8mm

The Adams Open Wing Nut features an 8mm opening and is used on Voyage and Field Frames. 8mm opening Sold Individually  

Adams Wing Screw PB508 - 8mm x 20mm

This Adams Wing Screw (M8x20) is used on Voyager frames with diagonal legs. 8mm x 20mm Sold Individually  

Malletech Uni-Bracket

The Malletech Uni-Bracket is part of the marimba frame that makes sure bar rails don't touch the frame. This allows for hard play on the ends of the sharps in the top octav... 

Musser 3" Caster with Brake

This is a replacement caster for Musser keyboard instruments on height adjustable frames. This caster can also be used when retrofitting older fixed height frames with height ... 

Majestic Rubber Bushing for Bar Posts

This Majestic Rubber Bushing for Bar Posts is for use on Quantum Marimbas. 

Adams Wing Screw PB509 - 8mm x 20mm

The Adams Wing Screw PB509 measures 8mm x 20mm and is used in multiple locations on the Voyager Instrument Frame. 8mm x 20mm Sold Individually  

Adams Height Adjustment Plate

The Adams Height Adjustment Plate is part of the Voyager Frame. Sold Individually  

Musser Vibraphone Damper Felt Washer

The Musser Vibraphone Damper Felt Washer is as part of the damper bar adjustment assembly on a Musser M55.