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Mansfield High School

The following is the list of items required for percussion class at Mansfield High School. Purchase of ALL items are required unless previously purchased in Middle School. I do not recommend substitutions.

For marching band, select the sticks /mallets you need for your assigned instrument.

Mr. Feldser

Product Model Price Quantity
Innovative Field Series FBX3 Medium Marching Bass Drum Mallets INN-FBX-3 $39.95
Vic Firth Tim Genis GEN7 Timpani Mallets - Articulate VIC-GEN7 $41.99
Vic Firth Robert Van Sice Keyboard Mallets - Medium VIC-M124 $49.99
Innovative Field Series FBX2 Small Marching Bass Drum Mallets INN-FBX-2 $36.95
Innovative General Series GT5 Ultra Staccato Timpani Mallets INN-GT5 $31.95
Innovative Ludwig Albert IP3105B Medium Birch Marimba Mallets INN-IP3105B $48.49
Innovative Field Series FBX1 Extra Small Marching Bass Drum Mallets INN-FBX-1 $35.49
Innovative Field Series FBX4 Large Marching Bass Drum Mallets INN-FBX-4 $47.49
Humes & Berg Galaxy Grip Bag Stick and Mallet Bag HUM-GRIP-BAG $64.95
Innovative Soloist Series IP275N Med Hard Legato Birch Marimba Mallets - Natural Handles INN-IP275N $40.95
Innovative Field Series TS2 Nylon Tip Marching Tenor Sticks INN-TS2 $15.95