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Marimba Solo

sammut-rotation iv-m

Sammut-Rotation IV-M

Sammut's "Four Rotations" have become some of the most frequently perfomed works for solo marimba. In "Four Rotations" all the mallets are important, because they use the "sin... 



Caritas by Michael Burritt is a 3 movement piece that employs a traditional harmonic language throughout. The 1st movement titled "Mystic" employs rapid double latera... 

debussy-clair de lune-m-peterson

Debussy-Clair de Lune-M-Peterson

An all time classical favorite - Claude Debussy's Clair de Lune arranged for solo marimba by Howard M. Peterson. This expressive arrangement really shows off the war... 

debussy-arabesque i arr. takada-m

Debussy-Arabesque I arr. Takada-M

Claude Debussy's beautiful and flowing "Arabesque I" masterfully arranged for solo marimba by Naoko Takada. This piece sounds as if the original work was written for marimba!... 

mcmillan-masterpieces for marimba-m

McMillan-Masterpieces for Marimba-M

Masterpieces for Marimba arranged by Thomas McMillan is one of the most popular books for marimba out there. McMillan has skillfully arranged music for marimba by s... 

maslanka-my lady white-m

Maslanka-My Lady White-M

My Lady White by David Maslanka is a collection of three songs for solo marimba. All three are very beautiful pieces and are among the best tonal literature for solo... 

burritt, michael-offering, the-m

Burritt, Michael-Offering, The-M

Michael Burritt's The Offering is a short, yet solemn work. This piece offers a perfect opportunity for the player to experiment with tone color and rubato while show... 

bach-six sonatas and partitas for violin-galamian

Bach-Six Sonatas and Partitas for Violin-Galamian

Johann Sebastian Bach's 6 Sonatas and Partitas for Violin are perfectly suited for marimba solo. Ranging in difficulty from medium to advanced, they present challenges to al... 

hatch-challenge i-m

Hatch-Challenge I-M

This fine collection of pieces by master teacher, Earl Hatch, is now available from Studio 4 Music. The collection includes "Furioso and Valse in D Minor," "Capriccio Marimba,... 

glennie-three chorales-m (a little prayer, light in the darkness, giles)

Glennie-Three Chorales-M (A Little Prayer, Light in the Darkness, Giles)

Evelyn Glennie's meteoric career as a solo percussionist has brought a new appreciation of percussion to audiences, not least through her own compositions and transcriptions. ... 



Anubis by Blake Tyson is a virtuosic showpiece for solo marimba. The "Egyptian" scale and the presence of an ancient Egyptian folk song combine to conjure images of pha... 

albeniz-asturias (leyenda) arr. stevens-m

Albeniz-Asturias (Leyenda) arr. Stevens-M

Asturias is a familiar work of Spanish composer Isaac Albeniz and is best known to concert audiences in its guitar transcription. Rather than base his transcription on ... 

bach-sonatas and partitas for violin-schirmer-mal

Bach-Sonatas and Partitas for Violin-Schirmer-Mal

Number of Players: 1 Difficulty: Grade 3-6 Instrumentation: Violin (sub Marimba) 

debussy-children's corner (ed. stevens)-m

Debussy-Children's Corner (ed. Stevens)-M

Leigh Howard Stevens' arrangement of Debussy's Children's Corner is presented here as a transcription from his recording of the arrangement. Although the marimba's t... 

gomez-marimba flamenca-m

Gomez-Marimba Flamenca-M

Alice Gomez's Marimba Flamenca features dance like textures and rhythms. This is an enjoyable work for four mallet marimba. Requires 4 octave instrument. Number... 



Parody is a reflection on an event in the life of composer Jesse Monkman. While this event remains anonymous, the reactions of the composer during the event are inten... 

gipson-monograph iv-m

Gipson-Monograph IV-M

Monograph IV by Richard Gipson has a become a standard in the marimba solo literature. A very fun piece to play incorporating mixed meters and a fast, bouncy tempo. A... 

skoog-water and fire for marimba-m

Skoog-Water and Fire for Marimba-M

Donald Skoog's Water & Fire for solo marimba presents two contrasting movements describing these basic elements of life. Movement 1, Water, displays the undulations ... 

bach-cello suite #1 in g major arr. gaetano-m

Bach-Cello Suite #1 in G Major arr. Gaetano-M

This is J.S. Bach's Cello Suite #1 skillfully transcribed for marimba by Mario A. Gaetano. Number of Players: 1 Difficulty: Grade 4+ Instrumentation: Mar... 

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