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Marimba Solo

tanaka-two movements for marimba-m

Tanaka-Two Movements for Marimba-M

Toshimitsu Tanaka composed Two Movements for Marimba in 1965 and with it won a prize at the 1968 National Arts Festival for the Centenary of the Meiji period, and t... 

peters-waves for marimba-m

Peters-Waves for Marimba-M

Mitchell Peters' Waves for marimba develops the 1234 and 4321 permutations in a musical fashion. The permutations are explored over simple and effective chord structur... 

trevino-strive to be happy-m

Trevino-Strive to be Happy-M

Strive to be Happy by Ivan Trevino is a 4.3-octave marimba solo dedicated to Aaron Staebell, one of Trevino's best friends and favorite musical collaborators. Aaron introduced... 

debussy-arabesque i arr. takada-m

Debussy-Arabesque I arr. Takada-M

Claude Debussy's beautiful and flowing "Arabesque I" masterfully arranged for solo marimba by Naoko Takada. This piece sounds as if the original work was written for marimba!... 

zivkovic-funny mallets: funny marimba book 2-m

Zivkovic-Funny Mallets: Funny Marimba Book 2-M

This is Book 2 of Zivkovic's popular "Funny Mallets: Funny Marimba" series of books. This book includes eight carefully selected solo pieces which, with exeption of the first... 

stevens-rhythmic caprice-m

Stevens-Rhythmic Caprice-M

Leigh Howard Stevens' Rhythmic Caprice is perhaps the ultimate virtuostic show piece for a solo marimbist. Seven minutes of rhythmic momentum, colored with three "col l... 

vinao-khan variations-m

Vinao-Khan Variations-M

Alejandro Vinao's "Khan Variations" was first performed by Jack van Geem at Princeton University in 2001. "Khan Variations' was a joint commission by some of the foremost ma... 

edwards-marimba dances-m

Edwards-Marimba Dances-M

Marimba Dances by Australian composer Ross Edwards is one of the most popular and most frequently played pieces for solo marimba in the international repertiore. Thi... 

bach-cello suite #1 in g major arr. gaetano-m

Bach-Cello Suite #1 in G Major arr. Gaetano-M

This is J.S. Bach's Cello Suite #1 skillfully transcribed for marimba by Mario A. Gaetano. Number of Players: 1 Difficulty: Grade 4+ Instrumentation: Mar... 

aldridge-from my little island-m

Aldridge-From My Little Island-M

From My Little Island by Robert Aldridge was written for, premiered by and recorded by marimba specialist Nancy Zeltsman. Originally written in the late 1980s, this is... 



Kazunori Miyake's piece Chain is quickly becoming a member of the standard repertoire for solo marimba. Chain is dedicated to Momoko Kamiya. A very unique ... 

bobo-gordon's bicycle-m

Bobo-Gordon's Bicycle-M

Kevin Bobo's piece Gordon's Bicycle is dedicated to Gordon Stout. This piece is programmatic in nature telling the story of Gordon ride "Uphill" and "Downhill". Stro... 



Scirocco by Michael Burritt was written during the Summer of 2001 and was premiered at the LHS Summer Marimba Seminar. This piece is dedicated to marimba virtuoso She... 

deane-etude for a quiet hall-m

Deane-Etude for a Quiet Hall-M

Etude For a Quiet Hall won the 1982 Percussive Arts Society composition contest. Written by Christopher Deane, this piece requires the player to achieve great indepe... 

bach-six suites for marimba arr. stevens-m

Bach-Six Suites for Marimba arr. Stevens-M

Two books in one binding, 108 pages. This edition of J. S. Bach's Six Suites for Violoncello is transcribed for marimba by Leigh Howard Stevens with an introduction and music... 



Galactica is an exploration of the 7/8 time signature and the many potential sub-divisions of the meter. The solo utilizes two mallet technique that is based off of the diver... 

sammut-three spirals-m

Sammut-Three Spirals-M

Three Spirals is a great marimba solo that is accessible by many marimbists as it is written for a 4.3 octave marimba. These three short pieces can be played individual... 

lin-april sky-m (5 oct.)

Lin-April Sky-M (5 oct.)

April Sky by Chin Cheng Lin is a four mallet solo scored for 5 octave marimba. This lyrical solo is ideal for intermediate performers. Duration: 7 minutes 



Footpath by Dave Samuels was originally recorded in June of 1989 for an album entitled Ten Degrees North (MCA Records 6326). This piece was an improvised so... 

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