Musser Instruments

Musser Marimbas was founded shortly after World War II when Omar Clair Musser left the Deagan Company. Musser produced marimbas, vibraphones, xylophones, and chimes. Eventually sold to Ludwig and Conn-Selmer, Musser Marimbas expanded and refined it's product lines and create instruments meeting the needs of students to the most discerning of professionals.

Musser Birch Poly Ball Bell Xylophone Mallets (MUS132)

The Musser Poly Ball Bell Xylophone Mallets have firm straight birch handles. These mallets project with clear articulation. Musser has a extensive history of manufacturing... 

Musser Birch Hard Marimba Mallets (MUS118)

Musser Birch Hard Marimba Mallets will function well across the entire marimba. These mallets will work great solo or in a graduated set. The Birch handle will be straight and... 

Musser Birch Soft Marimba Mallets (MUS116)

The Musser Soft Marimba Mallets have a firm birch handle and round mallet core. These do well for ballads or spirituals. Any piece that requires a more delicate touch. Muss... 

Musser Vibe Belt for M-48/M-58/M-75 Vibraphone

Replacement Musser Vibraphone belt fits model M48, M58 and M75. 

Musser 4.5 Octave Kelon Ultimate Marimba On Field Frame

The Musser Ultimate Kelon 4.5 Octave Marimba features acclaimed Musser sound bundled with the durability of Musser field frames. The synthetic graduated Kelon bars have a r... 

Musser Rubber Grommet (10 Pack)

This 10 pack of rubber grommets used for musser xylophones and other instruments. 

Musser Vibraphone Damper Bar Adjustment Nut

The Musser Vibraphone Damper Bar Adjustment Nut is used to adjust the damper bar on a Musser M55. 

Musser Ultimate Field Frame Accessory Clamp

The Musser Ultimate Field Frame Accessory Clamp fits on the Ultimate Marching Field Frames allowing for the attachment of cymbal arms or accessory percussion. The clamp all... 

Musser White Bar Cord (2pack)

This Musser Bar Cord is used for M645/M646 Bells and is sold in a 2 pack. 

Musser Drop Cover for M55/M55G

Keep your Musser M55 or M55G Vibraphone protected in transport and storage with this specially fit cover. Made from a durable material  

Musser Wing Nut for Damper Spring 5/16-18 X 1-3/16

This is the wing nut used in the damper spring assembly on the Musser M55. 

Musser 3" Caster with Brake

This is a replacement caster for Musser keyboard instruments on height adjustable frames. This caster can also be used when retrofitting older fixed height frames with height ... 

Musser E0590T Rubber bushings forBells

This set Musser Rubber bushings fit the orchestral bells M645 and M646 bells. Sold in a pack of 10  

Musser Vibraphone Damper Felt Washer

The Musser Vibraphone Damper Felt Washer is as part of the damper bar adjustment assembly on a Musser M55. 

Musser Vibraphone Upper Pull Rod Assembly

This Musser Upper Pull Rod is what connects the vibraphone's dampener to the pedal allowing the system to function. This rod can be used on M55, M44, and M48S Vi... 

Musser Ultimate Series Keyboard Instrument Drop Cover

When an instrument is designed for a life of constant play and travel most of which is outside, a solid and durable drop cover is required. Protect these instruments from weat... 

Musser Chime Mallet Holder

The Musser Chime Mallet Holder easily attaches to a chime set frame and allows for quick and easy access to a chime hammer. Made for a weather resistant material this holder f... 

Musser E0901T Hook Post (10 Pack)

The Musser E0901T Hook Post are used to suspend the bar cord and bars for the instrument frame. designed to on most musser instruments.