Musser Instruments

Musser Marimbas was founded shortly after World War II when Omar Clair Musser left the Deagan Company. Musser produced marimbas, vibraphones, xylophones, and chimes. Eventually sold to Ludwig and Conn-Selmer, Musser Marimbas expanded and refined it's product lines and create instruments meeting the needs of students to the most discerning of professionals.

Musser Studio Series 3.5 Octave Xylophone

The Musser Studio Series 3.5 Octave Xylophone combines professional-level features with budget-friendly prices. Crafted from premium padouk wood, this xylophones produces a... 

Musser E0901T Hook Post (10 Pack)

The Musser E0901T Hook Post are used to suspend the bar cord and bars for the instrument frame. designed to on most musser instruments. 

Musser M635C Chime Tube

Musser Chime Tubes are chimes are chrome plated or brass polished to deliver outstanding resonance and carrying power. Each seamless tube is suspended by its own st... 

Musser Parts - 3" Caster for Orchestral Chimes

3" Caster for Musser Orchestral Chimes 

Musser Marimba Post Insulator - E0301T (10 Pack)

The Musser E0301 Marimba Post Insulator is used on the m300 and M360 Musser Marimbas. 

Musser Bar Cord for M58 Piper Vibraphone

Replacement Bar Cord for the Musser M58 Piper Vibraphone. Sold in a pack of 2