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Option B

These are the supplies required for being a successful percussionist at Parkview High School. On Option A & B students will find similar stick and mallet options (e.g., Vic Firth SD-1 and 2B Snare Sticks; 1 Vic Firth Essentials Stick Bag or 1 Vic Firth Classic Stick Bag). Students may pick and choose which one they prefer to purchase between the lists, or they can opt for both if they so desire. Students should have, at the minimum: 1 pair of snare sticks, 1 pair of marimba mallets, 1 pair of rubber mallets, 1 pair of plastic mallets, 1 stick bag, 1 practice pad, 1 pair of timpani sticks, and 1 tuning fork or pitch pipe. See Assistant Director Lance Kindl for further details or questions.
Product Model Price Quantity
Vic Firth Keyboard Mallet Bag VIC-KBAG $65.95
Vic Firth Multi-Application (M180) - Birch Marimba Soft Yarn VIC-M180 $31.99
Vic Firth Multi-Application (M184) - Birch Marimba Hard Yarn VIC-M184 $31.99
Vic Firth Multi-Application (M187) - Rattan Vibe Med Hard Yarn VIC-M187 $42.99
Vic Firth Orchestral Series Keyboard - Very Hard Phenolic VIC-M142 $26.49
Vic Firth American Custom Timpani T2 - Cartwheel VIC-T2 $42.99
Vic Firth American Custom Timpani T3 - Staccato VIC-T3 $32.99