Pearl Drums

Pearl Jingle Clamp

Pearl Percussion PJC10SH Jingle Clamp provides a Jingle effect while playing a drum. This will clamp directly to the rim and will be easy for switching it on or off. 

Pearl Multi-Use Holder For Tenors (MUH10T)

The Pearl MUH10T Multi-Use Holder is the perfect Accessory Mount for use on any set of Marching Tenors. This mount will allow your Tenor line to add color and tonality to you... 

Pearl 14" Single Flange Bottom Hoop

The Pearl 14" Single Flange bottom Hoop is a throw back to vintage drum designs and sounds. Single flange hoops contribute to an open resonate sound. This hoop has holes drill... 

Pearl Tom-Tom Bracket - BT3

Pearl 's BT-3 Tom-Tom Bracket has a 7/8" Receiving hole. 

Pearl Clave Block (PBL10) - High Pitch

Neon Green High Pitch Clave Block. This first of three pitched blocks are all the same size but are pitched in thirds. Synthetic Blocks with CDV Technology feature a ... 

Pearl Field Percussion 14" Fiberglass Djembe

The Pearl Field Percussion Djembe has been built to be used out in the elements on the field. It's Black Weather resistant Fiberglass shell will produce a thunderous low end w... 

Pearl Hex Ganza Shaker - Short (PGA30)

This Pearl Percussion Short Hex Ganza features an aluminum shell and produces up to four different pitches. 

Pearl Cowbell Beater

Pearl Percussion PDC10 Dual Cowbell Beater features a wooden side for louder playing and a soft rubber side for more delicate cowbell passages. 

Pearl Natural Gourd Guiro

The PNG20 Natural Gourd Guiro features two scraping surfaces: thin grooves on one side for a lighter sound and thicker cut channels on the other side for a beefer sound. The ... 

Pearl Percussion Travel Conga Stand

The Pearl Travel Conga Stand is designed specifically with two things in mind: rock solid stability, and lightening fast set-ups and pack-ups. The stand includes a "Y" ... 

Pearl Bass Drum Bracket (BB3)

The Pearl BB-3 Bass Drum Bracket accepts all holders and accessories using 7/8" tubing. The dual brackets feature slip resistant nylon sleeves and Stop-Lock receivers. 

Pearl Pipe Clamp for Rack Legs

The PCL-100 Leg Pipe Clamp fits onto the top of Fits All ICON Rack Leg Posts to hold 7/8" diameter tubes. A great place to mount cymbal holders, tom arms, etc. 

Pearl 14" Single Flange Batter Hoop

The Pearl 14" Single Flange Batter Hoop produces an open resonate sound. Commonly used to achieve a vintage sound or look. Something to note about single flange hoops is that ... 

Pearl Bongo Stand - Standard

The Pearl PB-700 Single Braced Bongo Stand is lightweight yet sturdy and will fit virtually all makes and models of bongos.  

Pearl Universal Clamp (UX80)

The Pearl Percussion UX-80 Universal Clamp is a versatile problem-solver that features a 13" long 7/8" diameter tube with a rotating jaw that accommodates tubing or rods from ... 

Pearl Fiber Guiro

Pearl Percussion Fiber Guiro includes Plastic Gourd and Metal surfaces. Stick is included. 

Pearl Poplar Ebony Mist Firecracker Snare Drum - 10x5

The Pearl 10″ × 5″ Poplar Firecracker Snare Drum is sure to provide an explosive sound in a small package. Size: 10″ × 5″... 

Pearl Marc Quinones Signature Steel Timbales

Designed in conjunction with one of today's premier percussionists, Marc's timbale set consists of standard 14 and 15 inch drums fitted with Remo Clear Ambassador heads, and p... 

Pearl Angled Single Post Holder

Pearl PPS35 Single Post Accessory Holder with Angled Post.