Pearl Drums

Pearl Marching Snare Drum Hoop - FFX Top

The Pearl Championship Series top (or batter) replacement Marching Snare Drum Hoop is designed to fit the 13" or 14" Snare Drum. 

Pearl Tom-Tom Bracket - BT3

Pearl 's BT-3 Tom-Tom Bracket has a 7/8" Receiving hole. 

Pearl Trap Table (PTT1212) - 12X12

the Pearl PTT1212 is an accessory table that clamps onto any stand. This accessory/trap table measures 12"x12" and includes a multi-clamp that will attach to almost a... 

Pearl Championship Tenor Tension Casing

Pearl Championship Series Marching Tenor replacement Tension Casing. (sold each w/ mounting screws, tension rod not included) 

Pearl Custom Marching Bass Drum

Pearl PDB Championship bass drums use 6 ply, 100% maple shells to provide maximum resonance and sub-frequency projection. Extra wide claws secure 2″ wide 6...

Pearl Roadshow 4-Piece Drum Set with Hardware and Liberty One Cymbals - 18" Bass Drum

The Pearl Roadshow Drum Set is lightweight, compact and delivers a professional sound and feel. Perfect for the gigging drummer. It's footprint is small both on stage and in t... 

Pearl 14" Top Tuned Djembe

The Pearl 14" Top Tuned Djembe delivers a wide range of tones. The diversity of tones allows this instrument to function as a solo or ensemble instrument. This modern versi... 

Pearl Shakelets (PWR40)

Shakelets are by Pearl's innovative percussion R&D team that feature exclusive "Ganzinellas", Brazilian-style plantinellas combined with ganza shakers, that are worn on the wr... 

Pearl Cowbell Beater

Pearl Percussion PDC10 Dual Cowbell Beater features a wooden side for louder playing and a soft rubber side for more delicate cowbell passages. 

Pearl Custom Marching Tenor Set

Pearl PMT Championship Tenors feature a 6 ply, 100% maple shell designed in conjunction with today’s best Drum & Bugle Corps. High strength 6mm case-ha...

Pearl Bass Drum Bracket (BB3)

The Pearl BB-3 Bass Drum Bracket accepts all holders and accessories using 7/8" tubing. The dual brackets feature slip resistant nylon sleeves and Stop-Lock receivers. 

Pearl Angled Single Post Holder

Pearl PPS35 Single Post Accessory Holder with Angled Post. Clamps on most standard stands and allows for the mounting of percussion accessories to the angled rod. 

Pearl Triple Shaker

The Triple Shaker is a new innovative percussion shaker from Pearl Percussion. The shaker has one basic sound which can be complemented by another groovy sound by turning t... 

Pearl Field Percussion Shaker

The Pearl Field Percussion Shaker is big. 21" big! It's has a hexagonal body that feels well balanced. The internal chamber is designed to project with a massive sound. 

Pearl Bongo Stand - Standard

The Pearl PB-700 Single Braced Bongo Stand is lightweight yet sturdy and will fit virtually all makes and models of bongos.  

Pearl Marc Quinones Signature Steel Timbales

Designed in conjunction with one of today's premier percussionists, Marc's timbale set consists of standard 14 and 15 inch drums fitted with Remo Clear Ambassador heads, and p... 

Pearl CarbonCore Championship Tenor Set

The Pearl Championship Maple CarbonCore Marching Tenors have previously only been available to top drum corps. Now everyone can achieve a musical tone with power and volume... 

Pearl S-1030 Snare Drum Stand

The Pearl S-1030 Snare Drum Stand features an adjustable snare basket to hold drums 10″ to 16″ in diameter. This snare drum stand also features the Pearl GyroLo... 

Pearl Suspension Band For Suspended Bass Drum

The Pearl Rubber Suspension Band is used to attach a drilled concert bass drum to a suspended stand. Use 19 of these to outfit a whole Pearl STBD Stand. Sold Individ... 

Pearl Gock Block Holder

The Pearl PGB10 Gock Block Holder is the perfect answer to any instructors question on how comfortably to hold their block for the many hours turf practice. This holder feat...