Pearl Drums

Pearl Tom Trim - 15 Feet (MTT100)

The Pearl MTT100 Black Tenor Edge Guard attaches to the bottom of any set of Marching Tenors and will bring back that "clean and professional" look of a brand new set of drums... 

Pearl MSS-3000 Marching Snare Drum Stand

The Pearl MSS-3000 Advanced Marching Hardware Snare Drum Stand is designed by experts in making the world's most reliable percussion hardware with the world's most experienced... 

Pearl Elite Concert Triangle Beaters (PETB30)

Pearl Elite Concert Triangle Beater Set. Incldues 3 Beaters with Case. 

Pearl CX Air Frame Bass Drum Carrier

The Pearl CX AirFrame series of carriers....this version is the CXB-1 Bass Drum Carrier...feature a solid rod, form-fitting upper shoulder frame attached to a thin aluminum be... 

Pearl Multi-Fit Bass Drum Legs (Set of 3)

Pearl Multi-Fit Bass Drum Legs are the answer to every multi-percussionists need for a way to put a bass drum flat. The 3-piece leg system clamps on to the edge of any woo... 

Pearl Marching Snare Drum Polished Aluminum Tension Post - 14" FFX

The Pearl TSP102N/K FFX Polished Aluminum Tension Post is designed to fit the 14″ Championship Series Marching Snare Drum. Polished Aluminum gives the posts a “... 

Pearl Multi-Use Holder For Tenors (MUH10T)

The Pearl MUH10T Multi-Use Holder is the perfect Accessory Mount for use on any set of Marching Tenors. This mount will allow your Tenor line to add color and tonality to you... 

Randall May Adjustable Shoulder Bar for Carriers

The Randall May Adjustable Shoulder Bar attaches to the shoulder pieces of any Carrier to add support across the back and to stabilize the shoulder pieces. Add this to ... 

Pearl Primero 6" Cowbell (PCB6)

Primero 6" Cowbell will sound great at a fraction of the price. Combine this with the 4" version and you can play any bell gig that comes along. 

Pearl CX Air Frame Tenor Carrier

The Pearl CX AirFrame series of carriers....this version is the CXT-1 Tenor Carrier...feature a solid rod, form-fitting upper shoulder frame attached to a thin aluminum belly ... 

Pearl Trap Table (PTT1212) - 12X12

the Pearl PTT1212 is an accessory table that clamps onto any stand. This accessory/trap table measures 12"x12" and includes a multi-clamp that will attach to almost a... 

Pearl Marching Stick Bag (MSB1) - Single

The Pearl MSB-1 Marching Stick Bag securely attaches to any marching drum with hook and loop straps. Holds 1 pair of drum sticks or accessory item. 

Pearl Multi-Use Holder (MUH10)

The Pearl MUH10 Multi-Use Holder mounts directly onto the Pearl FFX Aluminum Snare Drum Ring for tremendous stability and versatility while holding cymbals, cowbells, blocks a... 

Pearl Trap Table With Double Braced Stand (PTT1824W) - 18X24

The Pearl PTT-1824W is the perfect Trap Table for any situation. The Pearl Trap Table features a 18"x24" top to hold all of your percussive items in any playing situation. Th... 

Pearl BC-830 Convertible Boom Cymbal Stand

The Pearl BC830 Boom stand features a double braced tripod and unilock tilters.  

Pearl Philharmonic Concert Snare Drum - Aluminum 14x5

The Pearl Philharmonic Cast-Aluminum Snare Drum (PHA) features a 3mm cast shell and offers a warmth and richness similar to wood, but with the increased brightness and attack ... 

Randall May Stadium Hardware T-Bolt - 3/4"

Randall May Stadium Hardware Replacement T-Bolt. 3/4" length made of Stainless Steel. Works with Yamaha Stadium Stands...snare, tenor or bass. 

Pearl Rubber Tip For CX Air Frame Bass Drum Carrier

This is the Pearl Rubber Tip for CX Air Frame Bass Drum Carrier stabilizer bar. Sold Individually.  

Pearl Rack Clamp - PC8 For DR80 Rack Only

Pearl's PC8 Rack Clamp fits the DR80 Drum Rack ONLY. Feature hinged quick release jaws for quick set-ups. Also accommodate 7/8" posts and SX-2 Stop-Locks. 

Pearl Concert Bass Drum Suspension Mounting Hook

Attaches to shell of concert bass drum to allow for use with a suspended bass drum stand. Sold each.