Pearl Drums

Pearl S-1030L Concert Snare Drum Stand

The Pearl S-1030L is the extended-height version of the S-1030 and features double braced legs.  

Pearl Bongo Stand - Standard

The Pearl PB-700 Single Braced Bongo Stand is lightweight yet sturdy and will fit virtually all makes and models of bongos.  

Pearl CX Snare Attachment with Down-Angle Tilt

The Pearl CXSA-2 Snare Attachment is compatible with Pearl High Tension snare drums and the Pearl CXS-1 CX Air Frame Snare Carrier or the Pearl MXSP-1 MX T-Frame Pipe Snare Ca... 

Pearl S-1030LS Concert Snare Stand

The single braced tripod lightens the load of the traveling performer while still offering maximum stability. As part of the award winning Advanced Hardware System, the S10... 

Pearl Philharmonic Triad Strainer - Complete

The Pearl SR-500 Triad Strainer features a silent snare throw that provides 3 individual snare adjusters allowing for optimal fine tuning of each snare material. A global adju... 

Pearl Cowbell Beater

Pearl Percussion PDC10 Dual Cowbell Beater features a wooden side for louder playing and a soft rubber side for more delicate cowbell passages. 

Pearl Ultra Lite Conga Stand

The Pearl PC2500 Conga Basket Stand will support virtually any conga and be at the perfect height for congueros that prefer to stand while they play. Its lightweight design ma... 

Pearl Tom Holder - Gear Tilter - Short (TH88S)

The Pearl TH88S Gear Tilter Tom Arm has a 7/8" Diameter post and is 4" tall and has a 4" arm length. 

Pearl Concert Bass Drum Stand - Tilting with Casters

Pearl's Tilting Concert Bass Drum Stand features locking casters and a footrest. Pearl's CBS Series Concert Bass Drums Stands are an example of creativ... 

Pearl Leg Rest for Marching Snare Drum

The Pearl LR-40 Leg Rest attaches easily to the tension rods of your Tenor or Marching Snare drum. It is fully adjustable allowing you get your drum just where you want it.... 

Pearl Primero 4" Cowbell (PCB4)

Primero Cowbells are perfect for those with budget concerns. This 4" version is a perfect companion with it's 6" brother. 

Pearl CX Airframe Shoulder Cushion - Right

The Pearl NP-479NR Shoulder Cushion is designed to work with CX Airframe carriers adding a level of comfort and support. This is for the right shoulder only.  

Pearl Marching Snare Drum Case

Pearl Marching Cases are rotationally molded for outstanding durability. Recommended case for Pearl FFX Snare Drums. The Pearl PD-1412 case is designed for both 13" and 14" P... 

Pearl CX Airframe Belly Plate Cushion

The Pearl NP478N CX Belly Cushion is a great upgrade for your CX Airframe Carrier.  

Pearl Boom Cymbal Holder - CH70

The Pearl CH-70 Boom Cymbal Holder features a cymbal boom arm and integrated quick-release mounting bracket for applications, such as mounting splash cymbals, where full-size ... 

Pearl S-930 Snare Drum Stand

The Pearl S930 Snare Drum Stand features a UniLock tilter, trident tripod, and air suspension tips. Adjusts from 18.1″ to 25.5″.  

Pearl Gock Block Holder

The Pearl PGB10 Gock Block Holder is the perfect answer to any instructors question on how comfortably to hold their block for the many hours turf practice. This holder feat... 

Pearl Snare Stand Height Extender (TX100)

Pearl's TX100 Tube Extender turns any 7/8" tube regular snare stand into a concert height version. Tube is 13" long. 

Pearl MX T-Frame Bass Drum Carrier

The Pearl MXB-1 MX T-Frame Bass Drum Carrier is a super lightweight frame that provides a sleek look and superior comfort with a wide range of adjustability to fit most pla... 

Pearl Primero Rock Cowbell

The Pearl Primero Rock Cowbell is perfect for those with budget concerns and this PCB10 Primero Rock Cowbell will really cut through the loud music without breaking your walle...