Pearl Drums

Pearl PK910 Percussion Kit with Carry Bag

The Pearl Percussion Kit is best quality bell kit on the market. Own it for less than renting. Pearl PK910 Percussion Kit Features Include: - 2.5 Octave Bells... 

Pearl BC820 Convertible Boom Cymbal Stand

The Pearl BC820 Cymbal Stand is a hideaway style boom stand. This means this stand can function as a boom or straight stand. A uni-lock tilter will keep positioning secure.... 

Pearl SR-018 Snare Strainer with Butt Plate

The Pearl SR018 Piccolo Snare Drum Strainer comes complete with both release and butt plate sides. 

Pearl Traditional Natural Gourd Shekere - Large Caja

The Pearl Percussion line of Folkloric Shekeres are a terrific value and sound. This version is the Caja (or large) sized Shekere. Be sure to check out the other two sizes a... 

Pearl CX Airframe ACS Belt w/ Cushion

Get back in the game with the Pearl CX Airframe ACS Belt with Cushion. After a long hard season of touring competition your gear will experience some wear. Pearl offers a line... 

Pearl Percussion Slap Stick

The Pearl Slap Stick creates a crisp "clack" that supasses most slap sticks available. Made of Asiatic hardwood. 

Pearl CX Tenor Airframe Carrier Agility J-Rod - Right

The Pearl AL72NR Agility J-Rod for The CXT-1 airframe carrier allows you to place you tenors a little further away giving you increased range of motion. The AL72NR is for t... 

Pearl Jingle Clamp

Pearl Percussion PJC10SH Jingle Clamp provides a Jingle effect while playing a drum. This will clamp directly to the rim and will be easy for switching it on or off. 

Pearl Clave Block (PBL30) - Low Pitch

Neon Orange Low Pitch Clave Block. This third of three pitched blocks are all the same size but are pitched in thirds. Synthetic Blocks with CDV Technology feature a ... 

Pearl Tension Rods for 30″–32″ Championship Bass Drums

The Pearl T-067 Tension Rod with metal washer will fit all Championship Series Marching Bass Drums sized 30″ through 32″ and are sold in packs of 2.  

Pearl Tri-Bells

Pearl Percussion Brazilian Stype Tri-Bells can be played Hand-Held or Mounted and feature a soft-squeeze handle for comfort. 

Pearl Extra Long Floor Tom Legs (Set of 3)

The Pearl extra long floor tom legs measure 27", which allows you to position a floor tom much higher than with traditional floor tom legs. The 3/8" knurled legs fit many popu... 

Pearl Double Tom Stand (Double Braced Legs)

Pearl T-890 Double Tom Stand with Double Braced Legs.  

Pearl Shakelets (PWR40)

Shakelets are by Pearl's innovative percussion R&D team that feature exclusive "Ganzinellas", Brazilian-style plantinellas combined with ganza shakers, that are worn on the wr... 

Pearl Maracas - Beaded (PFM20)

The Pearl PFM20 Beaded Maracas are easy to play and give you a "chunkier" shekere style sound. These shekere-style beads are wraped around fiberglass bodies and featu... 

Pearl Tambourine-Gold Jingles (PTM10GH)

Hand Held OR Mountable, this Quick Release bracketed Tambourine features Gold-Tone Jingles and an Edge protector for stick playing. 

Pearl Clave Block (PBL10) - High Pitch

Neon Green High Pitch Clave Block. This first of three pitched blocks are all the same size but are pitched in thirds. Synthetic Blocks with CDV Technology feature a ... 

Pearl Black Backbar for CXT-1 Tenor Carriers

The Pearl CXBB-1B Backbar (only) in black for CXT-1 Tenor Carrier allows you to use Pearl tenors without purchasing a full carrier.  

Pearl Nylon Washers For Tension Rods (12pk)

This is the Pearl Nylon Washers for tension rods or T-Rods. These tough black nylon washers will work on most tension rods or T-Rods. Sold on a 12 Pack. 

Pearl Goose Neck Cymbal Stand

Pearl's C-1030SC goose neck suspended cymbal stand offers the ability to freely suspend cymbals without stand noise or rattle. The cymbal is suspended on a perfectl...