Pearl Drums

Pearl CH-1030B Boom Cymbal Holder

The Pearl CH-1030-B Gyro-Lock tilter cymbal boom arm features a Wing-Lock, reversible seat cup, built-in cowbell rod, and a 7/8″ diameter post with stop lock.  

Pearl CA-130 Hoop Mountable Accessory Holder

The Pearl CA-130 Hoop Mountable Accessory Holder is a hoop mounted cowbell holder that features non-marring rubber jaws that rotate to fit the contour of the hoop for slip-... 

Pearl MX T-Frame Quad T-Carrier Tenor Carrier

The Pearl MXT4-1 MX T-Frame Tenor Carrier is a super lightweight frame that provides a sleek look and superior comfort with a wide range of adjustability to fit most player... 

Pearl S-930D Low Snare Drum Stand

The Pearl S930 Low Snare Drum Stand is perfect for those drummers that like to position the snare drum a bit lower and features a UniLock tilter, trident tripod, and air su... 

Pearl DjemBass System

If you want extreme low-end, and a head-turning alternative to a standard bass drum, look no further than to Pearl's DjemBass. Convert a PJF-350 fiberglass djembe into a comp... 

Pearl Percussion Pandeiro - 12" (PBP612)

Pearl Percussion PBP512 Brazilian 12" Pandeiro features 6 sets of Platinellas, Plastic Head, and includes a carry bag. 

Pearl Ganza - Basket (PGA20)

Basket Ganza......a joy to play and listen to! This synthetic woven basket measures 9"x4" and features multiple sound capabilities by either shaking the basket forw... 

Pearl Replacement Snare Basket Arm Rubber Sleeve

The Pearl Replacement Snare Basket Arm Rubber Sleeve has a 5/8" opening to slide on to the metal snare basket arm on a snare drum stand. 

Pearl Maple Piccolo Snare Drum Natural Finish - 13x3

Pearl 13x3 Maple Piccolo Snare Drum in #102 Natural Lacquer Finish. This Drum features 1.6mm Steel Hoops, CL-05 Lugs, and SR-018 Strainer and S-029N Snares. 

Pearl Shekere - Fiberglass (PSK10)

The Pearl Fiberglass Shekere is an outstanding instrument featuring a precision formed, traditional shaped, fiberglass shell for increased volume and projection. It is about h... 

Pearl MalletStation Soft Sided Bag

The Pearl MalletStation Soft sided case offers protection from bumps and the weather as you transport or store the MalletStation. Pocket for accessories ... 

Pearl Percussion 32 Bar Aluminum Wind Chimes Package

Pearl Percussion PWCH3220A 32 note Aluminum Bar Wind chime Package includes the Aluminum Bar Chimes, a Pearl PWH20 Wind chime Holder, striker and a soft roll-up carrying case ... 

Pearl Horacio Hernandez (HH5) Marybell Signature Cowbell

Designed by contemporary Latin jazz wizard Horacio Hernandez and pitched in accordance to "el Negro's" strictest standards, the Pearl Percussion Horacio Signature Series HH5 M... 

Pearl Natural Gourd Guiro

The PNG20 Natural Gourd Guiro features two scraping surfaces: thin grooves on one side for a lighter sound and thicker cut channels on the other side for a beefer sound. The ... 

Pearl Clip Bracket For FFX Snare Drums (CT-1216)

The Pearl CT-1216 Clip Mount accepts the clip from MXSA-1 snare drum carrier. 

Pearl Foot Pedal Bracket (PPS20L)

The Pearl PPS20L Foot Pedal Bracket features a Squared Dimple Post to insure there will be no slipping of any accessory item that you place on the rod. Reversible tips - R... 

Pearl Adapter - ADP20

The Pearl ADP20 2 Clamp Adapter features Quick Release ends, a diamter range of ⅝″ to 1 ⅛″, and UltraGrip Wingnuts.  

Pearl Bass Drum Eye Bolt Hook - Championship (EB2)

The Pearl EB2 Bass Drum Eye Hook with Bolt fits all sizes of Championship Series Marching Bass Drums and are sold individually. 

Pearl Electronic Module Mount

This Pearl Electronic Module Mount allows modules like the MalletStation or Mimic Pro to be mounted on a standard straight stand or clamp. The flat plate attaches to the modu... 

Pearl Marching Trap Table (PTT1523MP) - 15X23

The Pearl Mallet/Stick/Trap Tray for the Endurance Field Frame attaches with the included clamp. Table measures 15"x23".