tycoon percussion set of 3 dice shakers

Tycoon Percussion Set of 3 Dice Shakers

The Tycoon Percussion Dice Shaker set is a safe bet. The three graduated sizes of shaker give you triple the choice in pitch and tone. Constructed of durable siam oak Tycoon D... 


grover shakerz

Grover SHaKERZ

The Grover SHaKERZ are a new twist on a classic percussion sound. These SHaKERZ will add an unprecedented level of diversity to tones one can achieve in the studio or on st... 



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lp session shaker large  (lp446-l)

LP Session Shaker Large (LP446-L)

The Large LP Session Shaker will give you great shaker tones. You'll find it to be very playable and it will be useful in many musical applications Length 9"... 


pearl field percussion shaker

Pearl Field Percussion Shaker

The Pearl Field Percussion Shaker is big. 21" big! It's has a hexagonal body that feels well balanced. The internal chamber is designed to project with a massive sound. 


meinl studiomix shakers large

Meinl Studiomix Shakers Large

The Meinl Large Studiomix Shakers produce a crisp full sound. The textured surface both enhances the timbre and enables a controlled grip.  


meinl motion shaker

Meinl Motion Shaker

The Meinl Motion Shaker is a hands free instrument that you wear on your hand. As you play other percussion instruments it will add a nice layer of shaker sound over top of... 


lp session shaker small (lp446-s)

LP Session Shaker Small (LP446-S)

The Small LP Session Shaker is 5" long. This shaker will be easy to play and will deliver a classic shaker sound. You'll find many musical uses for this shaker 5... 


meinl crystal shaker - live and loud

Meinl Crystal Shaker - Live and Loud

The Meinl Crystal Shaker has an acrylic glass body that makes the Crystal Shaker completely see through. This version is filled with the loud black plastic beads. The shake... 


weiss shaker pair

Weiss Shaker Pair

The Weiss Shaker Pair features a square shape that feels very natural in the players hands. The tone delivered is a smooth medium volume traditional shaker sound. ... 


remo mini shaker - samba finish

Remo Mini Shaker - Samba Finish

The Remo Mini Shaker features modulating bead sounds just by squeezing the ends with your fingers. Brazilian colors adorn the Acousticon shell. The shaker is filled with me...