Promark Drumsticks

Promark TXPR7AW American Hickory Pro-Round 7A Wood Tip Drumsticks

The Promark TXPR7AW American Hickory Pro-Round 7A Wood Tip Drumsticks feature the same features as the 7A but with a smaller round tip delivering heightened articulation.... 

Promark PW808W Japanese Oak 808 Wood Tip Drumsticks

The Promark PW808W Japanese Oak 808 Wood Tip Drumsticks are almost a 5B diameter, and the same length. A long taper and oval bead allow this stick to be articulate on cymba... 

Promark TX420N Mike Portnoy Nylon Tip Drumsticks

The Promark Americn Hickory 420 Nylon Tip drum stick was designed by progressive drummer Mike Portnoy. It features a long, narrow taper to enhance the response and feel. The n... 

Promark SD531W Jason Bonham Autograph Model Drumsticks

Promark Jason Bonham Autograph Model Drumsticks are made of American Maple. With measurements of 16 3/4" long x .595" in diameter, a short taper and large wood tip this stick ... 

Promark SD2 Maple Drumsticks

The Promark SD2 Maple Drumsticks feature a small round bead tip perfect for delicate concert snare passages. Length: 15 3/4" Diameter: 0.630"  

Promark PW2BN Japanese Oak 2B Nylon Tip Drumsticks

Excellent heavier general purpose stick for rock, heavy pop and country or just practicing on your pad. Heavier than its Hickory counterpart. Length: 16" Diame... 

Promark TXSD1FW American Hickory Future Pro Drumsticks

A smaller stick for smaller hands, the Future Pro TXSD1FW is designed for beginning percussionists. These sticks are perfect for practice pad work. Length: 14 3/4" D... 

Promark PSX30R Performer Series Hard Rattan Xylophone Mallets

1 1/8" diameter ball. Intended primarily for bells, this mallet produces a relatively bright tone. 

Promark TX2BW American Hickory 2B Wood Tip Drumsticks

The Promark American Hickory 2B Wood Tip drum stick is a great choice for the heavy hitters! It features a shorter taper making it more top-heavy with less rebound. The oval t... 

Promark TX7AN American Hickory 7A Nylon Tip Drumsticks

The Promark American Hickory 7A Nylon Tip is a great drum stick for jazz, light rock, and anything with a softer volume. The nylon tip provides more articulation, and the bala... 

Promark Barricade Tape

Imprinted with the warning: "Drum Line Do Not Cross" with the Pro-Mark logo. This tape is 3" wide in 1,000 foot rolls. 

Promark PW747N Japanese Oak 747 Nylon Tip Drumsticks

The ProMark White Oak 747 Nylon Tip drum stick combines the diameter of a 5A and the neck taper of a 5B, but also adds ¼" to the length for more volume. The Nylon tip p... 

Promark B300 Accent Wire Brushes

Great feeling wooden handle brushes. Made with Japanese white oak and firm wire bristles for a crisp sound definition. 

Promark TX707N American Hickory 707 Nylon Tip Drumsticks

5A diameter, but beefier neck and nice round bead. Simon Phillips plays it with a wooden tip. Length: 16 1/4" Diameter: 0.551" 

Promark TB5 Extra Heavy Wire Brushes

High quality professional telescopic brushes with our new easy grip handle for more relaxed playing. 

Promark TX419W American Hickory 419 Wood Tip Drumsticks

2S-like, but a little shorter – definitely for heavy hitters. Length: 16 1/2" Diameter: 0.630" 

Promark System Blue Diversity Series DV6R Medium Vibraphone Mallets

Promark System Blue DV6R Diversity Series Medium Vibraphone Mallets feature a mushroom shaped rubber core and brass weight wrapped tightly with cord on a rattan shaft. This ma... 

Promark PW747BN Japanese Oak Super Rock Nylon Tip Drumsticks

If the 747 is not quite enough, this may be your stick. It's really a 5B but ¾" longer. Good for heavier-hitters. Length: 16 3/4" Diameter: 0.590" 

Promark TX2SW American Hickory 2S Wood Tip Drumsticks

An old standard – hefty and long – great for heavy-hitters. Length: 17" Diameter: 0.630"  

Promark PSM10 Soft Birch Marimba Mallets

Pro-Mark Performer Series Marimba Mallets are designed specifically to fit the needs of the most discerning player. The high level of craftsmanship and tonal qualities through...