Ride Cymbals

dream 19" vintage bliss series crash/ride cymbal

Dream 19" Vintage Bliss Series Crash/Ride Cymbal

The Dream Vintage Bliss 19" Crash Ride is popular among Jazz drummers for its complex overtones and great stick definition. Dream Cymbals released the Vintage Bliss as its own... 

sabian 22" aax omni cymbal

Sabian 22" AAX Omni Cymbal

The Sabian 22" AAX OMNI cymbal is a revolutionary new cymbal. Developed with seminal drummer Jojo Mayer, the vision for Sabian OMNI was to create a cymbal with outstanding son... 

sabian 22" hhx legacy heavy ride cymbal

Sabian 22" HHX Legacy Heavy Ride Cymbal

The Sabian HHX 22″ Legacy Heavy Ride Cymbal features semi-dry stick articulation and a warm wash.  

dream 20" energy series ride cymbal

Dream 20" Energy Series Ride Cymbal

The Dream Energy 20″ Ride is a monster of Rock. The un-lathed bell provides a nice tightness while still allowing this 20″ beast to explode with thunderous cras... 

sabian 21" aax memphis ride cymbal

Sabian 21" AAX Memphis Ride Cymbal

With its raw surface cut with single-line lathing, this versatile model responds with a dry stick sound, controlled wash, a raw and cutting bell, and a crashable edge.  

sabian 21" sr2 thin ride

Sabian 21" SR2 Thin Ride

Sabian has introduced the SR2, a line of Factory ReConditioned Cast Bronze Cymbal models available at considerably less cost than brand new. This Sabian SR2 21" Thin Ri... 

paiste 20" alpha brilliant full ride cymbal

Paiste 20" Alpha Brilliant Full Ride Cymbal

The Paiste 20″ Alpha Series Full Ride Cymbal is full, medium, bright, warm. Medium range, clean mix. Even, balanced feel. A perfect connection of a clear ping with a ... 

sabian 21" hh crossover ride cymbal

Sabian 21" HH Crossover Ride Cymbal

The Sabian 21″ HH Crossover ride exhibits uncompromising musicality. The Semi-dark, musical tone with ride and crash capability makes this a favorite with many types ... 

paiste 20" alpha brilliant metal ride cymbal

Paiste 20" Alpha Brilliant Metal Ride Cymbal

The Paiste 20″ Alpha Brilliant Series Metal Ride Cymbal is meaty, metallic, focused, dynamic. Fairly narrow range, raw mix. Heavy feel combined with a strong, glassy ... 

sabian 20" b8 pro medium ride cymbal

Sabian 20" B8 Pro Medium Ride Cymbal

Crisp stick attack remains bright and audible, with light wash at higher volumes. 

dream 22" dark matter energy ride cymbal

Dream 22" Dark Matter Energy Ride Cymbal

With a great defined stick sound the Dream Dark Matter 22″ Energy Ride can hold its on in any style of music. The dry subdued overtones allow for a clean, smooth uppe... 

zildjian 22" kerope ride cymbal

Zildjian 22" Kerope Ride Cymbal

The Zildjian KR22R 22″ Kerope brings back that exquisite K sound so sought after by drummers the world over. These hand crafted cymbals look as they sound&mdash... 

bosphorus 21" master series ride cymbal

Bosphorus 21" Master Series Ride Cymbal

The Bosphorus Master Series 21" Ride exhibits Aadark, warm, low-pitched cymbal that produces a generous cushion of sound. The ping is a mellow, woody, “slap” an... 

bosphorus 22" traditional series flat ride

Bosphorus 22" Traditional Series Flat Ride

The Bosphorus Traditional Series 22″ Flat Ride is fully lathed top and bottom. This Traditional series flat rides produce a shimmering ping sound with very little spr... 

meinl hcs 18" crash ride cymbal

Meinl HCS 18" Crash Ride Cymbal

The Meinl HCS18CR has a clean stick response as a ride and explosive sound when played as a crash. It is full bodied and warm with a washy ping and a complex spread. ... 

zildjian 20" kerope ride cymbal

Zildjian 20" Kerope Ride Cymbal

The Zildjian KR20R 20″ Kerope brings back that exquisite K sound so sought after by drummers the world over. These hand crafted cymbals look as they sound&mdash... 

paiste 20" formula 602 classic medium ride cymbal

Paiste 20" Formula 602 Classic Medium Ride Cymbal

The legendary Paiste 20″ Formula 602 Medium Ride Cymbal has been faithfully recreated with all of its vintage sound and looks. Renowned and loved for its fine, pure, ... 

meinl 21" byzance extra dry transition ride cymbal

Meinl 21" Byzance Extra Dry Transition Ride Cymbal

The Meinl Byzance Extra Dry 21″ Transition Ride was designed to transition seamlessly from articulate sticking to open crashes without losing definition. This outstan... 

zildjian 22" rarities k constantinople renaissance ride cymbal

Zildjian 22" Rarities K Constantinople Renaissance Ride Cymbal

This Zildjian 22" K Constantinople Renaissance Ride is part of their Rarities Collection. Very limited quantities are available. The Zildjian rarities are some of the best exa... 

sabian 21" aa bash ride cymbal

Sabian 21" AA Bash Ride Cymbal

Essentially a lighter crash-ride edition of the SABIAN Raw Bell Dry Ride, the small-bell design of the 21″ SABIAN AA Bash Ride helps control the sound when you need a...