Ride Cymbals

dream 22" energy series crash/ride cymbal

Dream 22" Energy Series Crash/Ride Cymbal

The Dream Energy 22″ Crash / Ride is a monster of Rock. The un-lathed bell provides a nice tightness while still allowing this 22″ beast to explode with thunder... 

sabian 20" sr2 thin ride cymbal

Sabian 20" SR2 Thin Ride Cymbal

Sabian has introduced the SR2, a line of factory reconditioned cast bronze cymbal models available at considerably less cost than brand new. This Sabian SR2 20″... 

sabian 24" aa bash ride cymbal

Sabian 24" AA Bash Ride Cymbal

Big cymbals are back! The 24″ AA Bash Ride is essentially a Crash-Ride edition of the SABIAN Raw Bell Dry Ride—but bigger and lighter. The small-bell design of ... 

sabian 20" b8 pro rock ride cymbal

Sabian 20" B8 Pro Rock Ride Cymbal

Intensely powerful, with distinctly metallic stick definition and a crisp, cutting bell. 

sabian 22" hh power bell ride

Sabian 22" HH Power Bell Ride

The Sabian HH 22″ Power Bell Ride Cymbal combines a huge 8″ raw bell with a lathed bow area. This cymbal is all about big power loaded with tone. Sty... 

ufip 21" class series light ride cymbal

UFIP 21" Class Series Light Ride Cymbal

Special Pricing on this Closeout cymbal. This UFIP Class Series 21" Light Ride has fantastic stick definition that will hold your ride patterns in any style of music. UFIP dev... 

sabian 24" aa bash ride cymbal - brilliant

Sabian 24" AA Bash Ride Cymbal - Brilliant

The Sabian 224BCB 24″ AA Bash ride is one of the cymbal vote winners. A crash-ride edition of Sabian’s Raw Bell Dry Ride, but bigger and lighter. The smaller be... 

meinl 18" candela timbale crash/ride cymbal

Meinl 18" Candela Timbale Crash/Ride Cymbal

The MEINL CA18CR Candela is the perfect cymbal for timbale playing. It has a loud, penetrating bell and a full, warm crash sound. Features Brilliant fini... 

ufip 22" brilliant series ride cymbal

UFIP 22" Brilliant Series Ride Cymbal

Special pricing on closeout cymbal. The UFIP 22" Experience Series Brilliant Ride starts out in the same process as Class Series cymbals. UFIP then takes the more focused and ... 

meinl 20" byzance dark ride cymbal

Meinl 20" Byzance Dark Ride Cymbal

The B20DAR Meinl Byzance Dark 20″ Ride has a low frequency range with esoteric character due to the untreated finish. Dark, earthy, with a short sustain and a defined... 

meinl 20" classics custom medium ride cymbal

Meinl 20" Classics Custom Medium Ride Cymbal

The Meinl CC20MR-B Classics Custom 20″ Medium Ride has a crisp, clean stick response with a balanced feel. Full and bright sound with a medium sustain and a defined, ... 

zildjian 22" k constantinople medium ride

Zildjian 22" K Constantinople Medium Ride

The Zildjian 22" Ride from the K Constantinople series gives the player more articulation and fundamental stick definition. This cymbal's sound is also dry with a pleasing amo... 

zildjian 21" k custom organic ride

Zildjian 21" K Custom Organic Ride

The Zildjian 21" K Custom Organic Ride is hand crafted using a process that gives each cymball deliberately varied finishes and hammer marks. This raw rustic process is ess... 

meinl 21" byzance traditional medium ride cymbal

Meinl 21" Byzance Traditional Medium Ride Cymbal

The Meinl Byzance B21MR 21″ Traditional medium ride has balanced, controllable stick response with a defined ping and a blend of bright overtones. Warm basic sound wi... 

bosphorus 23" lyric series ari hoenig ride cymbal

Bosphorus 23" Lyric Series Ari Hoenig Ride Cymbal

The Bosphorus Lyric Series 23″ Ari Hoenig ride sound reflects the extraordinary musical character of Ari Hoenig.  

sabian 22" hhx omni cymbal

Sabian 22" HHX Omni Cymbal

The Sabian 122OMX 22" HHX Omni was designed with Jojo Mayer to deliver the ultimate in sonic contrast and versatility. This new dark Omni provides more nuanced tone on the rid... 

meinl 22" byzance vintage pure light ride

Meinl 22" Byzance Vintage Pure Light Ride

This 22" Byzance Vintage Pure Light Ride is a lighter version of the pure ride. Byzance Vintage Pure Cymbals are made to have a distinctive raw earthy look. This process al... 

meinl 22" byzance big apple dark ride

Meinl 22" Byzance Big Apple Dark Ride

The Meinl 22" Byzance Big Apple dark Ride will really live up to it's name. This ride cymbal has not been lathed and has it's original appearance. Unlathed cymbals traditio... 

meinl 22" byzance traditional heavy ride cymbal

Meinl 22" Byzance Traditional Heavy Ride Cymbal

The Meinl B22HR Byzance Traditional 22″ Heavy Ride has a powerful and focused sound with a defined, bright bell. Solid, full-bodied stick response with a clear ping.... 

sabian 22" aa  apollo ride

Sabian 22" AA Apollo Ride

The 22" Apollo Ride from Sabian's Big and Ugly Collection is steeped in versatility. To get a modern ride cymbal sound, hit it hard. Play it lightly with finesse and you'll re...