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Cendres was composed in 1946 as a dedication to loss of life in World War II. It is constructed in five parts to reflect a different emotion of remembrance. I. Saisi... 


frock-seven solo dances-4t

Frock-Seven Solo Dances-4T

George Frock's Seven Solo Dances is one of the most requested audition pieces in the timpani repertoire. It is frequently found on the UIL, TMEA, and many other Solo &... 




A dramatic portrayal of an incident from the legend of Jason and the Argonauts, Leander Kaiser's Symplegades is a highly effective composition. The use of different str... 


bellson-four stories-4ds

Bellson-Four Stories-4DS

Four Stories manipulates that jazz ride feel through the course of the piece. It starts in a straight ahead jazz feel that transition in to a ¾ treatment of the swing r... 




Eric Guinivan's Episodes for Solo Timpani starts softly then proceeds to rock! Scored for four timpani, this work requires numerous pitch changes - a challenging piece... 


houllif-four verses-4t

Houllif-Four Verses-4T


el dabh-in search of three goddesses-4t

El Dabh-In Search of Three Goddesses-4T

In Search of Three Goddesses by Halim El-Dabh was written for and premiered by Blake Tyson at the 2007 Percussive Arts Society International Conventiion (PASIC). ... 


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orfaly-five intermediate pieces-4t

Orfaly-Five Intermediate Pieces-4T

This collection is a valuable addition to the material fro developing timpanists. Advanced levels of musicality are stressed within the composition. Many of the odd-meterpassa... 





owens-three pieces-4t-pn

Owens-Three Pieces-4T-PN


santangelo-two concert pieces-4t

Santangelo-Two Concert Pieces-4T

Two Concert Pieces for Four Timpani (with 4 Vibraphone Mallets) by Claudio Santangelo is a truly unique and fascinating timpani solo. This melodic work is sure to challenge th... 


landes-4 in the pocket (sp)-p

Landes-4 in the Pocket (SP)-P

"4 In The Pocket", a new percussion quartet composed by Gregory Landes is a great piece for strong intermediate and advanced level percussionists of all ages. If you have coll...