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hollinden-cold pressed-p

Hollinden-Cold Pressed-P

Dave Hollinden's popular multi-percussion solo Cold Pressed is set up as a modified drum set with timbral notation, meaning each instrument is assigned a pitch and ar... 


hollinden: slender beams of solid rhythm (cd)

Hollinden: Slender Beams of Solid Rhythm (CD)

Percussionist Andrew Spencer, professor at Central Washington University, performs several of Dave Hollinden's works for percussion. Track Listing: ... 


hollinden-of wind and water-m

Hollinden-Of Wind and Water-M

Commissioned by marimbist Michael Burritt, Of Wind and Water by David Hollinden is based on a verse from the Bhagavad Gita, "which suggests that the movement of our sen... 





hollinden-the whole toy laid down (sp)-p/v/m/x/c/4t/crot os

Hollinden-The Whole Toy Laid Down (SP)-P/V/M/X/C/4T/Crot OS

The Whole Toy Laid Down by Dave Hollinden for percussion quartet. The title and music for this piece were inspired by an extended daydream about a mechanical wind-up toy. Holl... 


hollinden-release (sp)-b/v/2m/cro/3t/p

Hollinden-Release (SP)-B/V/2M/Cro/3T/P

Release by Dave Hollinden for percussion octet. From the composer, "Release was composed during a period of personal loss. The inspiration came first in the form of motives, f... 


hollinden-boundary conditions (sp)-p/2vn/va/vc

Hollinden-Boundary Conditions (SP)-P/2VN/VA/VC

Boundary Conditions by Dave Hollinden – written for percussion soloist and string quartet. The percussionist plays a set up of two congas and one pair of bongos accompan... 


hollinden-alchemy (sp)-p os

Hollinden-Alchemy (SP)-P OS

A very innovative percussion duet from Dave Hollinden! By utilizing very unique playing techniques, the composer is able to create very distinct timbres from the instruments ... 


hollinden-different drummer, a-p

Hollinden-Different Drummer, A-P

A Different Drummer is Dave Hollinden's latest work for percusson soloist. The work requires 2 tom-toms (with matching coated heads) and 1 large cymbal. Hollinden not... 


hollinden-percussion quartet #2 (sp)-v/4t/p

Hollinden-Percussion Quartet #2 (SP)-V/4T/P

Percussion Quartet No.2 by Dave Hollinden About the piece: The piece begins pianissimo (cymbals, snare w/brushes, vibes, timpani) with a four note theme on the timpa... 


hollinden-juggernaut (sp)-p/2tp/hn/tn/tu

Hollinden-Juggernaut (SP)-P/2TP/HN/TN/TU

Juggernaut by Dave Hollinden for brass quintet and drumset. Scored for two Bb trumpets, horn in F, trombone, and tuba, this piece is an excellent opportunity to showcase equal... 


hollinden-time and space (sp)-p

Hollinden-Time and Space (SP)-P

Time and Space by Dave Hollinden is a trio for percussionists. Each player has the same setup - four graduated double headed tom toms with matching coated heads and five gradu... 


hollinden-in time to come (sp)-m/asx

Hollinden-In Time to Come (SP)-M/ASX

In Time to Come by Dave Hollinden is scored for for alto saxophone and 5-octave marimba. Commissioned by Andrew Spencer (marimba) and John Nichol (saxophone), this wor... 


hollinden-immersion (sp)-b/v/c/4t/ssx/asx/tsx/bsx

Hollinden-Immersion (SP)-B/V/C/4T/SSX/ASX/TSX/BSX

Immersion by Dave Hollinden is a piece written for saxophone quartet and percussion quartet. Percussion instrumentation: glockenspiel, vibraphone, timpani, chimes, two tam-tam... 


hollinden-reckless p sp

Hollinden-Reckless P SP

Reckless by Dave Hollinden for eight percussionists. This 8 minute piece was commissioned by Philip J. Mikula and the Victoria Memorial High School Percussion Ensemble and was... 


hollinden-what clarity? (perc. ens. version) (sp)-b/2v/c/x/4m/4t/p

Hollinden-What Clarity? (perc. ens. version) (SP)-B/2V/C/X/4M/4T/P

What Clarity? by Dave Hollinden is a percussion concerto scored for standard orchestra with double winds, strings, timpani and one percussionist. Instrumentation fo...