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wooton-drummer's rudimental reference book, the

Wooton-Drummer's Rudimental Reference Book, The

The Drummer’s Rudimental Reference Book by Dr. John Wooton. Dr. Wooton is the director of Percussion Studies, University of Southern Mississippi and former Per... 


hurley/wooton-snare drum solos vol. 1

Hurley/Wooton-Snare Drum Solos vol. 1

VHS format Marty Hurley and John Wooten perform marching percussion solos for snare drum. Track Listing: King of the Nile The Bomb... 


wooton-africa hot-sd

Wooton-Africa Hot-SD

Africa Hot is an extremely advanced rudimental snare drum solo by John Wooton. This is one of the most famous snare drum solos ever written and has been performed by m... 


wooton-rudimental clave-sd

Wooton-Rudimental Clave-SD

From snare drum master John Wooton comes this groovy rudimental snare drum solo - Rudimental Clave . This is one solo you will want to play again and again as you work ... 


wooton-king of the nile-sd

Wooton-King of the Nile-SD

King of the Nile by John Wooton (creator of the Rudimental Reference Book) is an easy rudimental snare drum solo. This is a perfect solo for students just getting into... 


hurley/wooton/hansen-snare drum & tenor solos vol. 2

Hurley/Wooton/Hansen-Snare Drum & Tenor Solos vol. 2

VHS format A collection of solos for snare and multi-tenor drums by Marty Hurley, John Wooten and Lee Hansen. Track Listing: First Flight (Snare ... 


wooton-jammin&#39 in the street

Wooton-Jammin' In the Street


wooton-duet to it-sd/tenors

Wooton-Duet to It-SD/Tenors

Duet To It is a medium-difficulty snare drum/tenor drum duet by John Wooton. This is a great piece that allows each player to display not only some technical prowess... 




This arrangment for an advanced marching percussion ensemble will be sure to please all. Dense rudimental passages are accompanied by intricate keyboard passages that will cha... 


wooton-dr. throwdown's rudimental remedies (w/dvd)

Wooton-Dr. Throwdown's Rudimental Remedies (w/DVD)

Dr. Throwdown's Rudimental Remedies is a fantastic compilation of rudimental exercises written and collected throughout the years by Dr. John Wooton. Included is an acc... 


beauford/wooton-making music (vhs)

Beauford/Wooton-Making Music (VHS)

Making Music features two of the most creative musicians in contemporary music. Victor Wooten (Béla Fleck's bassist) and Carter Beauford (Dave Matthews Band drummer) ha...