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robinson-hand drumming: exercises for unifying technique (vhs)

Robinson-Hand Drumming: Exercises for Unifying Technique (VHS)

In this video, N. Scott Robinson presents his concept of Unifying Technique for Hand Drummer and demonstrates how to apply this idea to clay pot drums made by the Wright Hand ... 


robinson-trio for ogun (sp)-3 congas/opt. 3tp or conch shells, etc.

Robinson-Trio for Ogun (SP)-3 congas/opt. 3TP or conch shells, etc.

Trio for Ogun by N. Scott Robinson for six players. Scored for three congas and three conch shells (or trumpets). 


robinson-well in hand-kanjira

Robinson-Well in Hand-Kanjira

Solo for Kanjira (Indian tambourine). 


robinson-handful (cd)-bendir

Robinson-Handful (CD)-Bendir


robinson-orisha offering (sp)-p

Robinson-Orisha Offering (SP)-P

Orisha Orrfering by N. Scott Robinson for percussion trio. Scored for three congas with three brushes. 


robinson-ghanaba celebration (sp)-handclaps/vioces

Robinson-Ghanaba Celebration (SP)-Handclaps/vioces

Ghanaba Celebration by N. Scott Robinson is a West African style polyrhythmic piece for percussion ensemble divided into 3 sections. Ghanaba Celebration is an entry level piec... 


robinson-something for riley (sp)-b/2v/2m/ds/cb

Robinson-Something for Riley (SP)-B/2V/2M/DS/CB

Something for Riley by Nick Robinson for percussion septet. Instrumentation: Vibraphone 1 Vibraphone 2 Marimba 1 (4.3 octaves) Marimba 2 (4.3 octaves) B... 


robinson-sankofa (sp)-p

Robinson-Sankofa (SP)-P

Sankofa by N. Scott Robinson is a West African style polyrhythmic piece for seven percussionists.This piece is ideal for beginner to intermediate ensembles. Sankofa ... 


robinson-global positions-ghaval

Robinson-Global Positions-Ghaval

Solo for ghaval (Azerbaijani tambourine). 


robinson-carnatic variations (sp)-frame drs. w/solkattu

Robinson-Carnatic Variations (SP)-Frame drs. w/solkattu

Carnatic Variations by N. Scott Robinson for frame drum ensemble. Commissioned by B. Michael Williams for the Winthrop University Percussion Ensemble.  


robinson-time machine (dvd)

Robinson-Time Machine (DVD)

When David Foster says you are one of his favorite drummers and Quincy Jones says you are his favorite drummer, you are in a class of your own. John JR Robinson has played on ... 


regal tip brushes (582r-jr) - john jr robinson

Regal Tip Brushes (582R-JR) - John Jr Robinson

Regal Tip and John "JR" Robinson teamed up to produce this "John "JR" Robinson" Performer Series brush. The extra long handle has a soft grip and great balance. The retractab... 


kosa-the rhythm speaks (cd)

KoSA-The Rhythm Speaks (CD)

Recorded live at the KoSA International Percussion Workshop & Festival. Track Listing: Chaka - Repercussion (4:07) Overdrive - Horacio ... 


miller-arrival/behind the glass (dvd/2cd)

Miller-Arrival/Behind the Glass (DVD/2CD)

Great performances, groundbreaking instruction and unprecedented play-along opportunities highlight this three-disc pack featuring top LA studio drummer Russ Miller. He perfor... 


thomas, a.-merlin-m os

Thomas, A.-Merlin-M OS

Andrew Thomas, born 1939 in Ithaca, New York, is a successful composer, pianist, and conductor who has written several marimba works for William Moersch, including this one en... 


farr-three little pieces for eve (sp)-p/pn

Farr-Three Little Pieces for Eve (SP)-P/PN

Three Little Pieces for Eve by Gareth Farr is a unique work in that it utilizes unconventional percussion instruments: bottles, flowerpots and mixing bowls. Heavily syncopated...