Schlagwerk handcrafts all products at the Schlagwerk factory in Germany.

Schlagwerk Tambourine And Frame Drum Holder

The Schlagwerk Tambourine and Frame Drum Holder allows you to mount your tambourine or frame drum into any percussion setup. (Tambourine not included) 

Schlagwerk Log Drum - 6 Tone F Pentatonic

The Schlagwerk 6 tone F Pentatonic Log Drum, features 6 distinct pitches and a padouk top. The sound concept of our 6-tone drum is based on an F-Pentatonic scale. The Padou... 

Schlagwerk Log Drum - 8 Tone C Pentatonic

The Schlagwerk 8 tone C Pentatonic Log Drum, features 8 distinct pitches and a padouk top. The sister of 60P82 provides brilliantly clear, open and inspiring soundboptions ...