Schlagwerk handcrafts all products at the Schlagwerk factory in Germany.

schlagwerk tambourine and frame drum holder

Schlagwerk Tambourine And Frame Drum Holder

The Schlagwerk Tambourine and Frame Drum Holder allows you to mount your tambourine or frame drum into any percussion setup. (Tambourine not included) 


schlagwerk 2 in 1 cajon - large

Schlagwerk 2 in 1 Cajon - Large

The Schlagwerk CP404 large two in one cajon captivates with its crisp, controlled sound coupled with its authentic crate-like design. The variable snare crossbar allows the... 


schlagwerk log drum - 10 tone f pentatonic

Schlagwerk Log Drum - 10 Tone F Pentatonic

The Schlagwerk 10 Tone F Pentatonic Log Drum features 10 distinct pitches and a wenge top. One of the most outstanding features of the 10 tone drum, the Original Log Drum, ... 


schlagwerk marimbula

Schlagwerk Marimbula

The Schlagwerk Marimbula features eight metal tongues that are fastened in such a manner that they can be individually tuned to a scale from D–g. The instruments are ... 


schlagwerk log drum - 6 tone f pentatonic

Schlagwerk Log Drum - 6 Tone F Pentatonic

The Schlagwerk 6 tone F Pentatonic Log Drum, features 6 distinct pitches and a padouk top. The sound concept of our 6-tone drum is based on an F-Pentatonic scale. The Padou... 


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schlagwerk log drum - 8 tone c pentatonic

Schlagwerk Log Drum - 8 Tone C Pentatonic

The Schlagwerk 8 tone C Pentatonic Log Drum, features 8 distinct pitches and a padouk top. The sister of 60P82 provides brilliantly clear, open and inspiring soundboptions ... 


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schlagwerk log drum - 8 tone f pentatonic

Schlagwerk Log Drum - 8 Tone F Pentatonic

The Schlagwerk 8 tone F Pentatonic Log Drum, features 8 distinct pitches and a padouk top. The most successful Schlagwerk Log Drum inspires us with its F-Pentatonic and enc... 


schlagwerk ma104 felt head mallet

Schlagwerk MA104 Felt Head Mallet

Need that Perfect Log Drum Mallet? Or a multi-use all around percussion mallet? The Schlagwerk MA104 is the one for you. middle soft set of two suitable for Lo... 


schlagwerk 2 in 1 cajon black finish

Schlagwerk 2 in 1 Cajon Black Finish

The Schlagwerk 2 in 1 Cajon was one of the first Cajons put into production. The CP404 or crate Cajon has been a favorite amongst the Cajon Community for years. Now Schlagw... 


schlagwerk cajon la peru wurzel

Schlagwerk Cajon la Peru Wurzel

This Schlagwerk Cajon has earned the nickname "el negro" or Cajon la Peru Wurzel in the Flamenco music scene. To date this is Schlagwerk's most successful Cajon. With all t... 


schlagwerk brc-04 cajon brush

Schlagwerk BRC-04 Cajon Brush

Schlagwerk gives us the Martin Röttger Signature brush. The BRC04 delivers a completely different kind of brush experience. This is a Cajon brush will enable limitless... 


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schlagwerk cajon kick sound trigger system

Schlagwerk Cajon Kick Sound Trigger System

The Schlagwerk Cajon kick is an inventive way to really expand the voices of your Cajon. This small and durable sound module has 12 realistic sounds that can either be trig... 


schlagwerk 15.5" circle drum

Schlagwerk 15.5" Circle Drum

The Schlagwerk Circle Drums are well built easy to play Frame Drums. The Circle drums are perfect for one handed mallet playing. The Frame is made from multi-layered Beech... 


schlagwerk agile base cajon natural finish

Schlagwerk Agile Base Cajon Natural Finish

The Schlagwerk Agile Base Cajon gets it's unique identity from the Agile snare system which provides perfect attack. The fully bonded playing surface offers crisp high note... 


schlagwerk cajon la peru - cosmic

Schlagwerk Cajon La Peru - Cosmic

The Schlagwerk cajon La Peru Cosmic Model Burl Wood front plate really draws the eye. The 7 layer Gabon wood body draws the ear. The Cosmic Cajon is a beautiful instrument ... 


schlagwerk comparsa cajon

Schlagwerk Comparsa Cajon

The Schlagwerk Cajon Comparsa is unique in that the front and rear surfaces of this Cajon are playing surfaces. The front surface is the brighter sound, the rear surface pr... 


schlagwerk traditional pandariq frame drum

Schlagwerk Traditional Pandariq Frame Drum

The Schlagwerk Pandariq is the signature Frame Drum of Hakim Ludin. The Padariq is unique in that it comes with 4 removable jingle bars. These hand hammered Jingle Bars can... 


schlagwerk traditional tamburello frame drum

Schlagwerk Traditional Tamburello Frame Drum

The Schlagwerk Tamburello Traddional Frame Drum has a 6 ply beechwood frame. The Tamburello also has 14 jingle sets (7 double sets). Its 12" tunable goatskin head will deli... 


schlagwerk traditional riqq frame drum

Schlagwerk Traditional Riqq Frame Drum

Schlagwerk has based it's Riqq design after a traditional Arabian Riqq. This Riqq is tunable and with the metal chosen and the placement of the jingles a wide array of tone... 


schlagwerk x one nature cajon

Schlagwerk X One Nature Cajon

The Schlagwerk X One Nature Cajon is quality instrument for a small price. This Cajon For beginners and the price-conscious who want to get the maximum of sound & longevity fo...