Sound Effects & Game Calls

Bachovich Bere-Boi

This small effect instrument creates a creaking and squeaking sound that will have your audience mesmerized. An example of this can be heard in the Broadway production of T... 

Grover Professional Musical Anvil

Only from Grover Pro: musical anvils created for professional percussionists. Unlike other anvils, these are multi-tonal, capable of two distinct pitches plus a third &ldqu... 

Acme Siren Whistle with Large Bell

A standard siren whistle with a large bell attached for amplification. 

Acme Cuckoo Call

The Acme Cuckoo call creates the well known 2-tone cuckoo sound. The Essential Toy Symphony Sound Effect. 

Acme Jay Call / Wind Whistle

The Acme A263 Windmaster Jay Call is an amazingly versatile sound effect that will produce all of the following sounds: Birds: Jay call & Magpie chatter Wind Effec... 

Authentic Musical Washboard

This Authentic Musical Washboard includes three metal finger tips for ease of playing and authentic washboard sound (laundry detergent not included) and measures 18" tall by 8... 

Acme Crow Call

This Crow Call produces an authentic sound of a crow and is useful for a variety of different purposes. 

TreeWorks Spring Tree

The new TreeWorks TRECOIL is what happens when you take 11 feet of thin round aluminum and twist it into a spring 19 inches long and 5 inches in diameter. This wild sound e... 

Acme Three-Tone Tug Boat Whistle

The Acme Three-Toned Tug Boat Whistle produces a three tone, tug boat sound effect that is similar to the train whistle, only higher in pitch. Makes the true steam whistle s... 

Acme Slide Whistle

The Acme Plastic Slide Whistle is fitted with a sliding plunger. This instrument produces a wide range of effects. With a scale of over an octave allowing tunes to be played... 

Acme Metropolitan British Police Whistle

The Acme Metropolitan Police Whistle Model 15 Nickel Plated or also known as the Bobby Whistle, this product is used by the British Metropolitan Police since the late 1800's. 

Liberty One Cricket

The Liberty One Cricket is an essential "chirp" sound effect at an affordable price. Rotate the steel bar to adjust the desired volume. 

Acme Duck Call

The Acme Duck Call produces all of the basic sounds of the common duck. Others may be labeled with more specific species, but this one will do the job for almost every need. 

Weiss Ships Bell - Large

The Weiss Large Ships Bell measures 6″ across and is made of solid brass. This is the bell for creating the “ships bell” sound.  

Acme Thunderer Whistle - Small

The Acme Thunderer Official Referee Whistle is one of the best selling whistles in the world. Ideal for Coaching, Police, Teachers, this Thunderer Model is The No 1 Selling T... 

Ron Vaughn Percussion Slap Stick

The Ron Vaughn Percussion ST900 is a two-hand Russian Birch Slapstick with hand lapped faces. Controlled power, attack, brilliant accents and articulate rhythmic figu... 

Acme Dove/Pigeon Call

Produces the gentle "Cooing" and throaty rolling sound of the Pigeon and the Dove. 

LP Flex-A-Tone Large (LP1-8)

The LP Flex-A-Tone is a unique instrument that creates a wave of eerie, saw blade-like sounds though varied pitches. Bend the spring steel with thumb pressure as the wo... 

Liberty One Slapstick (15SLAP)

The Liberty One 15 Slap is a reproduction of the classic design used in the early 1900s. This instrument is spring activated allowing easy play with one hand creating the clas... 

Slapstick - Toca (T2501)

Toca Slapsticks are made from premium hardwood along with a strong spring to produce a crisp "crack" sound.