Special Effects

meinl rhythm bell

Meinl Rhythm Bell

The Meinl RB85 Rhythm Bell delivers a superb cutting sound for players looking to add one to their setup. Formed from a special cast alloy, the rich bell tone is carried ou... 

meinl 14" hcs trash stack cymbal stack

Meinl 14" HCS Trash Stack Cymbal Stack

The Meinl 14" HCS Trash Stack Cymbal Stack is a pair of cymbals that is designed to be a sharp accent to your drum parts. The cymbals have holes cut into them to boost the ... 

meinl giant series singing bowls

Meinl Giant Series Singing Bowls

The Meinl Giant Series Singing Bowls are specially suited for therapeutic applications. The size and craftsmanship incorporated produces deep tones with long sustain. ... 

dream refx bell

Dream ReFX Bell

The Dream ReFX bell is the bell of a cymbal. This produces a clear, useful effect that projects with musical articulation. The ReFX Series is made from recycled cymbal alloys.... 

zildjian 12" spiral stacker

Zildjian 12" Spiral Stacker

The Zildjian 12" Spiral Stacker is designed to be stacked on top of other cymbals the same size or larger to augment and create unique cymbal sounds. It can also be used on it... 

hammerax 9" slap

Hammerax 9" Slap

The Hammerax 9" Slap offers aggressive sound and sleek styling. Designed to emulate an open hi hat, the sound of the Hammerax Slap can be adjusted by tightening the wing nut. ... 

meinl classics 8" medium bell

Meinl Classics 8" Medium Bell

The Meinl Classics 8″ Medium Bell has a great cutting sound. Besides using them for a normal bell sound, artists such as Thomas Lang and Benny Greb use an 8″ Cl... 

zildjian 10" oriental china trash

Zildjian 10" Oriental China Trash

The 10" Oriental China Trash Cymbal from Zildjian will bring some of the percussive sounds of the east to your cymbal repertoire. Made from Zildjian's B20 Alloy this trash cym... 

meinl 8" classics traditional high bell

Meinl 8" Classics Traditional High Bell

The Meinl C8BH Classics Series 8″ Bell can be used in a variety of ways. Besides using them for a normal bell sound, artists such as Thomas Lang and Benny Greb use an... 

zildjian 10" a custom efx

Zildjian 10" A Custom EFX

Zildjian's 10" A Custom EFX model has a Paper thin weight and laser generated "cut outs" that produce fast, trashy, white noise. Great for accenting and punctuating.  

meinl generation x trash hat effect cymbal

Meinl Generation X Trash Hat Effect Cymbal

This unique little number is the 12"/14" Meinl Generation X Series Trash Hat. This Hihat is Dry, with a rattling, sizzling sound.Holes in the top and bottom eliminate air lock... 

meinl special engraved series singing bowls

Meinl Special Engraved Series Singing Bowls

The Meinl Special Engraved Singing Bowls have hand carved ornamental patterns into each bowl. Meinl Singing bowls are handcrafted in India using traditional methods. ... 

meinl 8" hcs bell

Meinl 8" HCS Bell

The Meinl HCS 8" Bell will put out a bright ping sound with a great sustain. This bell is a good affordable addition to your percussion vocabulary. Timbre &ndash... 

meinl 19" generation x china crash cymbal

Meinl 19" Generation X China Crash Cymbal

The Meinl GX-19CHC-B 19″ Generation X China Crash has large cut-outs, exceptionally defined shape and wavy edges making this cymbal outstanding and innovative. It del... 

zildjian 8" oriental china trash

Zildjian 8" Oriental China Trash

The 8" Oriental china Trash Cymbal is made from Zildjian's B20 Alloy. The cymbal has a quick attack and decay. It's sound is that of the cymbals you would hear in Chinese New ... 

sabian tollspire chime set with mounting bar

Sabian Tollspire Chime Set with Mounting Bar

The Sabian Tollspire Chimes Set consists of 5 cone shaped micro splashes mounted on a bar. The resulting sound is a cross between chimes, bells and splash cymbal tonalities... 

meinl 16" hcs trash crash

Meinl 16" HCS Trash Crash

The Meinl 16" Trash Crash is made from a thin brass material. Meinl then cuts different sized holes to produce a loud and brash crash sound with a short sustain. An excepti... 

zildjian 16" s series trash crash cymbal

Zildjian 16" S Series Trash Crash Cymbal

The Zildjian 16" S Series Trash Crash is gonna produce a big trashy effect. The B12 alloy used along with the hammering and lathing of this cymbal series will also add a wi... 

weiss 9" burma bell

Weiss 9" Burma Bell

This Weiss Burma Bell is approximately 9" long. Burma bells are played by striking the surface with a wooden mallet and then spun around to create a vibrato effect. 

sabian xsr fast stax

Sabian XSR Fast Stax

The Sabian XSR Fast Stax consists of two effect cymbals stacked to create a complex trashy effect that is very musical and playable. A 16" china like cymbal and a 13" crimped ...