Splash Cymbals

sabian 10" aax air splash cymbal

Sabian 10" AAX Air Splash Cymbal

A punchy, cutting splash that really opens up and breathes. With six 1″ diameter holes in the 10″ model, the SABIAN AAX Air Splash incorporates a raw bell with ... 

paiste 10" alpha brilliant thin splash cymbal

Paiste 10" Alpha Brilliant Thin Splash Cymbal

The Paiste 10″ Alpha Brilliant Series Thin Splash Cymbal is full, bright, and silvery. Medium range, fairly clean mix. Fast sizzling attack, with quick fade. Very res... 

meinl 12" hcs splash cymbal

Meinl 12" HCS Splash Cymbal

The Meinl HCS12S 12″ Splash has an immediate, cutting bright response. Perfect for fast accents. The Meinl HCS cymbals are an entry level cymbal line that combi... 

meinl 10" candela percussion splash cymbal

Meinl 10" Candela Percussion Splash Cymbal

The MEINL CA10S Candela percussion splash is an extremely thin, quick sounding cymbal—perfect for fast percussive accents. Features Brilliant finis... 

dream 12" contact series splash cymbal

Dream 12" Contact Series Splash Cymbal

The Dream Contact 12" Splash is a great all around splash with more volume than most Dream cymbals. These are fast, fat sounding splashes that make themselves heard and get yo... 

sabian 10" b8x china splash cymbal

Sabian 10" B8X China Splash Cymbal

The Sabian B8X 10″ China Splash is a reverse-design model, for raw, punchy accents. Can also be mounted upside down on top of your crash cymbal for a great stacked ef... 

meinl 10" byzance extra dry splash

Meinl 10" Byzance Extra Dry Splash

Here we have the 10" Meinl Byzance Series Splash, Extra Dry Finish. Meinl has created this extra Dry Splash with an especially crisp sound that has a wide spectrum ranging fro... 

dream 8" bliss series splash cymbal

Dream 8" Bliss Series Splash Cymbal

The Dream Bliss 8" splash Cymbal is fast and bright. The Bliss Splash is warm in sound and features tapered lathing so that the edges are thin. This results in a cymbal with ... 

sabian 11" aax x-plosion splash cymbal

Sabian 11" AAX X-Plosion Splash Cymbal

The Sabian 11" AAX X-Plosion Splash Cymbal is super-fast, bright and cutting. This odd-sized power splash delivers with the right degree of speed and sustain to ensure it c... 

meinl 8" byzance traditional splash cymbal

Meinl 8" Byzance Traditional Splash Cymbal

The Meinl 8″ Traditional Byzance Splash has a nice spread with great attack. It’s punchy and washy but still with a traditional feel. Meinl Byzance cymbal... 

meinl 10" mcs splash cymbal

Meinl 10" MCS Splash Cymbal

The Meinl MCS10S 10″ Splash Cymbal has a very bright, clear and penetrating effect sound with a fast attack and short sustain. The Meinl MCS cymbal set-ups and ... 

meinl 10" classics series splash cymbal

Meinl 10" Classics Series Splash Cymbal

The Meinl C10S 10″ Classic Series Splash has a very fast attack and sharp, penetrating cut. Very bright, clear sound. This cymbal works perfect for many genres and st... 

meinl 10" classics custom splash cymbal

Meinl 10" Classics Custom Splash Cymbal

The Meinl CC10S-B 10″ splash has a crisp, glassy sound with an immediate response and a short decay. Bright and cutting, it’s perfect for fast accents. Th... 

sabian 12" b8x splash cymbal

Sabian 12" B8X Splash Cymbal

The Sabian 12" B8X Splash accents with extremely fast, bright, and punchy high-end cut.  

zildjian 10" a custom efx

Zildjian 10" A Custom EFX

Zildjian's 10" A Custom EFX model has a Paper thin weight and laser generated "cut outs" that produce fast, trashy, white noise. Great for accenting and punctuating.  

zildjian 8" a flash splash

Zildjian 8" A Flash Splash

Zildjian 8" A flash Splash Features two different finishes on the same cymbal. The thicker bell area is unlathed and highly polished. This area of the cymbal produces a bri... 

zildjian 10" a flash splash

Zildjian 10" A Flash Splash

Zildjian 10" A Flash Splash features two different finishes on the same cymbal. The thicker bell area is unlathed and highly polished. This area of the cymbal produces a br... 

zildjian 11" oriental trash splash cymbal

Zildjian 11" Oriental Trash Splash Cymbal

The Zildjian 11" Oriental China Trash Splash Cymbal has an authentic "trashy" Chinese sound. Very fast, explosive response with rapid decay. Brilliant Finish... 

sabian 10" sbr series splash cymbal

Sabian 10" SBR Series Splash Cymbal

The Sabian 10" SBR Series Splash Cymbal is small and thin, with a fast, punchy and splashy accent response. Style - Focused Metal - Brass Sound -... 

zildjian 10" k custom special dry splash cymbal

Zildjian 10" K Custom Special Dry Splash Cymbal

The Zildjian 10" K Custom Special Dry Splash Cymbal is great splash with quick attack and fast decay. An extra Thin in weight adds dark and funky qualities. Extr...