meinl hi-hat tambourine - brass

Meinl Hi-Hat Tambourine - Brass

The MEINL THH1B-BK Hi Hat Tambourine is perfect for drum set players that want to add a little something extra. The THH1B-BK mounts right on top of the hi hat pole and can be... 


meinl headliner hi-hat tambourine - double row

Meinl Headliner Hi-Hat Tambourine - Double Row

The Headliner® Hihat Tambourine is a jingle accent that mounts on any hihat stand. Secure hardware assures a solid grip. Available in single row and double row versions... 


weiss 10" headless double row tambourine

Weiss 10" Headless Double Row Tambourine

The Weiss brand 10″ double row headless tambourine has a great dry, jangly sound. This basic tambourine is perfect when all you need is some basic accents.  


meinl headed artisan edition tambourine - brass jingles

Meinl Headed Artisan Edition Tambourine - Brass Jingles

The Meinl AE-MTAH2B Headed Artisan tambourine comes fitted with a hand selected calf skin head. The head features an outer ring that is prepared with resin to help with thu... 


meinl 10" double row vintage tambourine walnut brown - brass jingles

Meinl 10" Double Row Vintage Tambourine Walnut Brown - Brass Jingles

Meinl Vintage Goat Skin Wood Tambourine is a double row tambourine with hammered brass jingles. Meinl went for a classic tambourine sound that's been our years throughout t... 


meinl professional steel jingle stick - black

Meinl Professional Steel Jingle Stick - Black

The MEINL Jingle Sticks create many interesting sound possibilities. Use them for Tambourine sounds or play the guiro style surface for even more groove. Features... 


remo 8" double row tambourine black

Remo 8" Double Row Tambourine Black

Remo's 8" Double row tambourine has a pre-tuned fiberskyn head and 6 double rows of jingles. This Tambourine is suited for just about any type of music. It is built with Remo'... 


black swamp tambourine onemount

Black Swamp Tambourine OneMount

The Black Swamp Tambourine OneMount clamps on to a cymbal topper or 3/8" rod. This is designed to mount any brand Tambourine, Frame Drum, or Bohdran in a second. Soft rubbe... 


meinl 8" double row compact tambourine - steel jingles

Meinl 8" Double Row Compact Tambourine - Steel Jingles

The MEINL CTA2S-BK 8″ Compact Wood Tambourine proves that great things come in small packages. This has all the sound and quality of its larger siblings but is more n... 


meinl 10" artisan edition double row tambourine - brass jingles

Meinl 10" Artisan Edition Double Row Tambourine - Brass Jingles

The MEINL AE-MTA2B Artisan Tambourine has been produced for music’s most discerning players. The specially designed solid brass jingles have a unique profile resultin... 


grover 10" single row tambourine t1/ss

Grover 10" Single Row Tambourine T1/SS

The Grover Pro Percussion Spanish Tambourine is also called the Gypsy or the Basque Tambourine. One of the defining qualities of this single row tambourine is the hand crim... 


rhythm tech double hat trick g2 brass

Rhythm Tech Double Hat Trick G2 Brass

Rhythm Tech pioneered the original and much imitated Hat Trick 18 years ago, a simple Hi-Hat tambourine that gave drummers a way to play tambourine patterns with their hi-hat ... 


lp 10" single row tambourine

LP 10" Single Row Tambourine

The LP 10″ Single Row Tambourine are now be produced by LP using the original jingle molds of their sought after tambourines. Featuring Nickle Silver alloy jingles, t... 


meinl headliner mountable abs tambourine w/ steel jingles

Meinl Headliner mountable ABS Tambourine w/ Steel Jingles

The Meinl Headliner Series mountable HTMT2BK tambourine comes with double row Nickle-silver plated jingles and is Equipped to fit on a rod or stand. The tambourine's tough as ... 


remo 10" redmond lotus tambourine

Remo 10" Redmond Lotus Tambourine

Remo's Layne Redmond Lotus Tambourine features a pre-tuned fixed Renaissance drumhead. Thicker gauge German silver jingles create a brighter, more vibrant sound. The lighter 5... 


meinl professional brass jingle stick - black

Meinl Professional Brass Jingle Stick - Black

The MEINL Jingle Sticks create many interesting sound possibilities. Use them for Tambourine sounds or play the guiro style surface for even more groove. Features... 


remo 8" tambourine - radiant

Remo 8" Tambourine - Radiant

This is Remo's 8" Tambourine. It features Remo's Radiant drum head which is tuned for all types of music and visually unique in that it catches and reflects light in a stunnin... 


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meinl 8" double row compact tambourine - brass jingles

Meinl 8" Double Row Compact Tambourine - Brass Jingles

The MEINL CTA2B-BK Compact Tambourine proves that good things come in small packages. This light, fast, compact tambourine is full of sound. The player instantly feels more... 


weiss 6" single row tambourine - calf head

Weiss 6" Single Row Tambourine - Calf Head

This is a 6" Single row Tambourine with Calf Skin Head. An instrument like this has many uses from educational to adding that perfect percussive accent in a recording or on st... 


meinl nino racket tambourine

Meinl Nino Racket Tambourine

The Nino Racket Tambourine features sturdy single-row construction with 9 aluminum jingle pairs. An ergonomically shaped handle makes them perfect for children's hands. ...