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Video Introduction: Thomas Burritt Explains Contest


Steve Weiss Music has teamed up with Thomas Burritt from the University of Texas at Austin to offer a unique opportunity to learn interactively on the web. Thomas caught our attention with his Percussion Axiom TV online show and we thought it would be fun to team up and create a contest around learning a piece of music interactively online.

The Contest

Starting June 15th, Thomas will begin teaching the marimba solo Katamiya by Emmaneul Sejourne in online videos as part of his PATV show. Katamiya can be found in the book 7 Stücke für Marimba. The winner of the contest will be selected based on who is the most "interactive" online with Thomas Burritt and Steve Weiss Music. The way you interact is totally up to you. Some possibilities include:

However you choose to interact, please be sure to include a link back to this page or mention the contest so we can get as many people involved as possible.

The Prize

We're giving away 2 pair of Malletech Thomas Burritt Mallets (your choice of models), Thomas Burritt's CD "All Times Identical", and a full size Liberty I Mallet Bag with Back Pack. Winner will be judged based the quality of their online interaction on or around July 15th.

Thomas Burritt's Percussion Axiom TV:

A show discussing Contemporary Percussion Performance and Pedagogy. Topics include: New Music for Percussion, Marimba and Percussion Performance issues, Pedagogical musings, and overall off-the-cuff commentary on relative daily issues in the field of percussion. Listeners are encouraged to leave comments in the forum and answer poll questions on related episode issues.