Timpani Method Books

Whistler-Elementary Method for Timpani

A basic instruction course for timpani. This method book is out of the Rubank Elementary method series. 

Drouet-18 Progressive Studies 3:Timpani

For this collection, I invited Philippe LEROUX, composer and Jean-Pierre DROUET, percussionist and composer, to write 4 series of studies in 20 volumes. These studies are fou... 

Leonard-17 Technical Studies for Kettledrums

17 highly advanced etudes for 3-4 timpani are contained in this method. The etudes focus on interpretation and musical expression while still being technically challenging. 

Chauviere-Twelve Studies for Kettledrums

These 12 Studies for kettledrums are designed to encourage players to strive for perfect performance as much from a technical point of view as the interpretation. The etudes a... 

Brown-Timp Hits

A collection of 19 grade 1-3 solos for timpani. All of the etudes require two drums. 

Fink-Solobook for Timpani Vol. 2

A collection of 8 intermediate-advanced timpani solos. 2-4 drums are required depending on the work. 

Wright-Graded Music for Timpani 3

Contains all the set pieces, exercises and specimen sight-reading tests for the Timpani examinations, Grades 5 & 6 Contains Beethoven Plus Diversions Fives and... 


This method contains 16 exercises that address may of the issues associated with intermediate timpani playing. Passerone uses these exercises to develop many areas of playing,... 

Passerone-Traits Difficiles

A collection of 32 excerpts of standard orchestral material. This is a compact source for many works that are frequent on audition lists. 

Mardinly-Etudes for the Master Timpanist

The etudes in this method were written of the highly melodic capabilities of the pedal timpani. Because of the technical demands made upon timpanists by composers such as Mahl... 

Wright-Graded Music for Timpani 1

Contains all the set pieces, exercises and specimen sight-reading tests for the Timpani examinations, Grades 1 & 2 Contains: Alla Marcia Allegretto Contrasts... 

Gomez-International Style Etudes II

International Style Studies for Timpani is a collection of etudes for educational study or recital performance. The book is divided into four categories: Latin, American, East... 

Handel-Messiah (timpani part)-2T

Complete timpani part to Handel's Oratorio The Messiah. Number of Players: 1 Difficulty: Grade 3 Instrumentation: 2 Timpani  

Tchaikovsky/Mussorgsky/Glinka-Complete Timpani/Percussion to 42

Complete timpani and percussion parts to 42 orchestral masterworks on CD-ROM! These unprecedented collections give musicians the opportunity to build a personal library of orc... 

Adams-75 Tuning Etudes for the Accomplished Timpanist

Tim Adams' 75 Etudes for the accomplished Timpanist was written for the timpanist to focus primarily on Tuning and glisses in a thorough way. It is designed an extension and e... 

Tavernier-150 Ex & Etudes: Timp 1

220 exercises for the advanced timpanist. All exercises are written for 2-4 drums. 

Fink-Studies for Timpani (Vol 2)

Continue you knowledge of timpani with this excellent method. Siegfried Fink has compiled his years of timpani experience into the second volume of this series. 

Kastuck-Timpanist Etudes (Bk 1)

The purpose of this Book of Etudes is to provide the student timpanist with music that contains technical problems that must be mastered. Some Etudes contain broken measures, ... 

Wright-Graded Music for Timpani 2

Contains all the set pieces, exercises and specimen sight-reading tests for the Timpani examinations, Grades 3 & 4 Contains: 6 8 Variations Alleluia Galop G... 

Weitzel-10 Unreasonably Demanding Etudes for Timpani

The 10 Unreasonably Demanding Etudes for Timpani are a collection of demanding exercises for 1 to 6 timpani. They are equally suitable as etudes for advanced players, as exami...