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Marching/Indoor Materials

Product Model Price Quantity
Promark TXDC18IW Indoor Marching Snare Drumsticks PRO-TXDC18IW $15.99
Promark OBD1 Optima Extra Small Marching Bass Drum Mallet PRO-OBD1 $33.95
Innovative Field Series FSPR2 Paul Rennick Marching Snare Drumsticks INN-FSPR2 $12.49 Out of Stock
Vater MVT-TS1N Marching Tenor Sticks VAT-MV-TS1N $15.95
Promark OBD3 Optima Medium Marching Bass Drum Mallet PRO-OBD3 $38.49
Vic Firth Corpsmaster MTS1 Tenor Sticks VIC-MTS1 $15.99 Out of Stock
Vic Firth Corpsmaster John Mapes Tenor Sticks - Nylon Tip VIC-SMAPTS $15.49
Promark OBD2 Optima Small Marching Bass Drum Mallet PRO-OBD2 $36.49
Promark OBD4 Optima Large Marching Bass Drum Mallet PRO-OBD4 $44.49
Vic Firth Corpsmaster CT1 Timpani Mallets - General VIC-CT1 $31.99