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First Year

The Percussionists Handbook - Peter Saleh (should be read during summer BEFORE starting classes)
Product Model Price Quantity
Saleh-Percussionist's Handbook, A 0844 $25.00
Innovative Signature Series ES1 Ed Soph Maple Drumsticks INN-ES1 $9.95
Innovative She-e Wu WU3 Medium Birch Marimba Mallets INN-WU3 $41.25
Kite-Reading Mallet Percussion (Online Audio Access Included) GP951 $28.75
Innovative MB3 Large Cordura Mallet Bag INN-MB3 $55.75
Innovative Orchestral Series OS7 Very Bright Rattan Glock Mallets INN-OS7 $28.25
Innovative Ensemble Series ENS360R Hard Rubber Rattan Mallets INN-ENS360R $30.75
Innovative BR2 Medium Plastic Retractable Brushes INN-BR2 $15.95 Out of Stock
Carroll-Exercises, Etudes and Solos for the Timpani BT1500 $17.05
Innovative Orchestral Series OS2 Hard Rattan Xylo Mallets INN-OS2 $34.49
Innovative CL2L Chris Lamb Beech Laminate Concert Snare Drumsticks INN-CL2L $20.75
Innovative BT6 Staccato Bamboo Timpani Mallets INN-BT6 $47.49
Planet Waves Tuning Fork - Key of A EVA-PWTF-A $10.49
Cirone-Portraits in Rhythm HAB00101 $11.70
Stoessel Triangle Beater - #5 7/16" Green Heavy STO-7/16HTB $6.95
Innovative BT5 Medium Hard Bamboo Timpani Mallets INN-BT5 $47.49
Peters-Intermediate Snare Drum Studies PETERS METHOD 8 $14.49
Stoessel Triangle Beater - #2 5/16" Grey Light STO-5/16HTB $6.95
Stoessel Triangle Beater - #4 3/8" Brown Light STO-3/8TB $6.95
Ford-Marimba: Technique Through Music (Online Video Access) 1256 $24.95
Wooton-Drummer's Rudimental Reference Book, The 1007. $19.80
Dowd-Velocity Warm-Ups EL03172 $12.60
Bona-Rhythmical Articulation 50258070 $9.90
Stone-Stick Control for the Snare Drummer 32749 $10.95
Stone-Accents and Rebounds (new edition) 32750X $9.90
Green-Instruction Course for Xylophone 00317044 $31.50
Wilcoxon-All-American Drummer, The 10300202 $15.25