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Waller High School

The following consists of the complete list of what will be required during your four-year enrollment in the Waller High School Percussion Program. These items are what we use during the Marching and Indoor seasons as well as items purchased in 6th grade Beginning Band and are not required as long as all items are still in your possession.
Product Model Price Quantity
Salyers Marching Bass Drum Mallets - Extra Small SAL-MAB1 $35.49
Salyers Marching Bass Drum Mallets - Large SAL-MAB4 $46.95
Salyers Marching Arts Tenor Sticks - Delrin Tip SAL-MAT3 $17.95 Out of Stock
Salyers Marching Bass Drum Mallets - Small SAL-MAB2 $36.49
Salyers Jeff Moore Signature Marching Snare Drumsticks SAL-JM1 $15.49
Salyers Jeff Moore JM103 Marimba Mallet - Medium Hard SAL-JM103 $41.95
Salyers Jeff Moore JM104 Marimba Mallet - Hard SAL-JM104 $41.95
Salyers Jeff Moore JM105 Marimba Mallet - Brilliant/Extra Hard SAL-JM105 $41.95
Salyers Marching Bass Drum Mallets - Medium SAL-MAB3 $39.49