World Percussion Stands and Hardware

LP Afuche/Cabasa Holder (LP325)

Features steel construction but only works with the LP234A Standard Cabasa .....NOT the 234B or 234C!!!!!! 

Danmar Cowbell Holder (307A)

The Danmar model 307A Cowbell Holder clamps almost any cowbell to any stand and features a 12" post. 

Danmar Cowbell Holder (310)

Clamps firmly to bass drum rim with 6" post. 

Meinl Professional Djembe Stand

The MEINL Professional Djembe Stand will keep your djembe at just the right position in your percussion rig. The MEINL TMD firmly holds your Djembe in the optimal playing posi... 

Danmar Wood Block Holder for Stands

This wood block holder clamps to most stands.  

Meinl Steely II Djembe Stand

The Steely II Djembe stand (patented) features all of the same designs known from the Steely II Conga stands (patented). It can be adjusted to accommodate various djembe sizes... 

LP Mount All Cymbal Bracket (LP236A)

This bracket includes a Z shaped cymbal arm and is ideal for mounting cymbals up to 16" in diameter. Features LP's forged eye-bolt assembly to securely hold the rods. T... 

Pearl 12" Percussion Rack PPS81

The Pearl PPS81 is a 12" percussion rack with 4 posts for mounting and arranging various percussion instruments. Mounts easily to most stands. 4 posts - 2 straig... 

Meinl Guiro Holder

The MEINL Guiro Holder firmly attaches to any common rod and holds the guiro securely in place while it is played. Material: Chrome plated steel Features: Rubber pad... 

LP Aspire Slide Mount Bongo Bracket

The LP Aspire Bongo Bracket allows you to attach a set of bongos to the LP Aspire Slide Mount Double conga stand (not included). Adjustable tilter for precise positioning.... 

LP Universal Vibra-Slap Mount

The LP444N easily mounts all LP Vibraslaps. The unique design features a rubberized gasket that decouples the instrument from the mount allowing for greater sustain.  

Remo Djembe Floor Stand

The Remo DI-6110-00 is a lightweight djembe stand that fits just about any djembe. With this sturdy djembe stand you will no longer need to brace the drum with your legs an... 

Meinl Ibo Holder

The Meinl Ibo Holder securely supports most common ibo drums in a comfortable position while enabling you to play the ibo with both hands, or with one hand free for other inst... 

Pearl Angled Single Post Holder

Pearl PPS35 Single Post Accessory Holder with Angled Post. Clamps on most standard stands and allows for the mounting of percussion accessories to the angled rod. 

Meinl Seated Pro Bongo Stand

The Meinl Seated Professional Bongo Stand has all the features of its regular model, however it can be placed low enough to be comfortably played sitting down in the tradition... 

Pearl Percussion Travel Conga Stand Bridge

The Pearl Percussion Travel Conga Stand Bridge clamps two of the Pearl Travel Conga Stands together for extra stability and to minimize creeping while performing. 

Meinl Frame Drum Holder

The Meinl MC-FDH Frame Drum Holder is completely adjustable to fit any frame drum. Four rounded vertical "fingers" slide along individual tracks and are secured by a knurled ... 

LP Cowbell U-Clamp

The LP Cowbell U-Clamp is a chrome-plated steel clamp used to mount cowbells that do not come equipped with a built-in clamp. Fits any 3/8" diameter rod.  

Meinl Basket Conga Stands - Black

These MEINL Basket conga stands are the designed for Marathon Classic and Designer Series Congas as well as Luis Conte Artist Series Congas. They put your MEINL congas at t... 

Meinl Bar Chimes Stand

The Meinl TMCH Bar Chimes Stand is a fully-adjustable, double braced tripod stand, specially designed for mounting bar chimes just the way you want them to be held! Made fr...