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Percussion Major Required Materials

Product Model Price Quantity
Quartier-Image-20 Children's Songs for Marimba-M 00317019 $14.95 Out of Stock
Vic Firth Terry Gibbs Keyboard - Medium Hard - Green Cord VIC-M32 $43.99
Dowd-Velocity Warm-Ups EL03172 $12.60
Whaley-Musical Studies for the Intermediate Snare Drummer 51760 $17.95
Cirone-Portraits in Rhythm HAB00101 $11.70
Wittner Tuning Fork - Square Prongs A-440 WIT-922A $9.95 Out of Stock
Vic Firth Symphonic Tim Genis Signature Snare Drumstick VIC-STG $30.99
Vic Firth Tim Genis GEN5 Timpani Mallets - Tonal VIC-GEN5 $47.99
Peters-Fundamental Method for Mallets Vol. 1 11806 $26.99
Vic Firth Tim Genis GEN7 Timpani Mallets - Articulate VIC-GEN7 $41.99
Delecluse-Twelve Studies for Snare Drum AL 23410 $17.99
Pratt-14 Modern Contest Solos EL41016 $7.15
Malletech Orchestral Series OR39R Hard Rattan Xylophone Mallets MAL-OR39R $34.95
Vic Firth Robert Van Sice Marimba Mallets - Medium VIC-M114 $43.99
Malletech Orchestral Series OR45R Hard Rattan Xylo/Bell Mallets MAL-OR45R $34.95
Goldenberg-Modern School for Xylophone, Marimba and Vibraphone 0505B $16.49
Vic Firth Robert Van Sice Marimba Mallets - Medium Soft VIC-M113 $43.99
Goodman-Modern Method for Timpani 11424 $18.90
Vic Firth Robert Van Sice Marimba Mallets - Soft VIC-M112 $43.99
Malletech Bob Becker BB34 Medium Rattan Xylo/Bell Mallets "Becker Blues" MAL-BB34 $34.49