Yamaha Musical Instruments

Yamaha Bass Drum Mallet Holder (MBMH-2)

The Yamaha MBMH-2 Bass Drum Mallet Holder holds 2 pairs of bass drum mallets to a marching bass drum. Works on any brand marching bass drum, and includes m... 

Yamaha Timpani Key

The Yamaha TK40 Timpani Key is essential to tuning and maintaining the tonal qualities of Timpani. 

Yamaha High Tension Drum Key

Power Up with the Yamaha DK30P Power / Hi Tension Drum Key. The extra long handle provides the torque needed to tension today's marching drums but also works great on standar... 

Yamaha Black Folding Music Stand with Carry Bag

The Yamaha MS1000 music stand is lightweight, yet durable, and provides high quality at a low price. Constructed of super-sturdy round tubing, the MS1000 also features a perm... 

Yamaha Tone Foam (MA200)

Yamaha Sound Impact Strips for Marching Bass Drums....15 Foot roll....dampens bass drums to add that low-end punch and take unwanted overtones out of the sound. Recommend... 

Yamaha Tension Rod for 14–28" Marching Bass Drum

Genuine Yamaha Tension Rod for Yamaha 8200 Series Marching Bass Drums, 14″ through 28″. Tension rod only, does not include washer. Length = 115 mm  

Yamaha Concert Snare Stand (SS745)

Yamaha Medium Weight Concert Snare Drum Stand. Single Braced legs with a 23" - 35" height adjustment range. 

Yamaha Boom Cymbal Stand - Medium Weight Single Braced (CS755)

The Yamaha CS755 Boom Cymbal Stand is a medium weight stand that features single braced legs, offset tilter and a hideaway boom arm with memory clamp lock that is perfect for ... 

Yamaha Rim Saver for Marching Bass Drums Sizes 20–32" (2 pack)

Yamaha Rim Saver (pack of 2) for Marching Bass Drums. Fits drums 20″–32″ and protects your bass drum rims. Made from lightweight extruded aluminum... 

Yamaha Keiko Abe MKA-05 Med Hard Rattan Marimba Mallets

Yamaha's Keiko Abe Mallet series gives us the MKA05 Medium Hard Mallet. It features a rubber core with a 1mm tube Wrapped around it. A high quality yarn makes for the finishi... 

Yamaha Claw for 8200 Field Corps Bass Drums

Genuine Yamaha Marching Bass Drum Claw Hook for Yamaha 8200 Series Marching Bass Drums. Sold each. Does not include tension rod or washers.  

Yamaha Rod Washer for Marching Drums

Genuine Yamaha Washer for 6mm tension rods, including Yamaha SFZ/MTS Marching Drums (9214/9213/9114) and Yamaha 8200 Series Marching Bass Drums. Sold each.  

Yamaha Tension Rod for SFZ Marching Snare Drum

Genuine Yamaha Tension Rod for Marching Snare Drum. 

Yamaha Tom Trim - Black (MTG15)

Yamaha Marching Tom guard in black (15 foot roll) protects the bottom part of a set of tenors. 

Yamaha Keiko Abe MKA-06 Med Soft Rattan Marimba Mallets

The MKA06 is the Medium Soft Mallet from the Yamaha Keiko Abe Mallet series. It has a rubber core with a 1mm tube wrapped around it. The MKA06 is finished in layers of a high ... 

Yamaha Snare Drum Stand - Medium Weight Single Braced

The Yamaha SS740A Snare Drum Stand is a medium weight stand that is ideal for most drums and playing situations and features single braced legs for compact and light weight tr... 

Yamaha Square Multi Clamp for Field Frames

The Yamaha RDC10 Square Multi Clamp is desigend for use with either the Tough Terrain Frame or the Multi Frame II and enables you to mount a variety of arms (cymbal, snare bas... 

Yamaha Marching Stick Bag (MSH2) - Double

Yamaha marching double drum stick/mallet holder. Ideal for marching snares or toms.  

Yamaha Comfort Core Cushions (Pack of 2)

The Yamaha Comfort Core Cushions by Randall May attach to adjustable back bars of any Yamaha carriers (except Power Lite) and include two pieces with self-adheasive strips and... 

Yamaha Boom Cymbal Stand - Light Weight Double Braced (CS665)

The Yamaha CS665A boom cymbal stand features a light weight, compact design, offset tilter, and double-braced legs.