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Creative Percussion Products now available at Steve Weiss Music

Steve Weiss Music is proud to announce that we are now officially a retailer of products made by Creative Percussion. Making some of the most innovative and unique products currently offered on the market, Creative Percussion is a leader in percussive add ons, effects sounds, and sound solutions in the industry. We are currently stocking a small line of their products, and have more on the way. Lets highlight a few of these great items and see what could be right for you.

Guiro Stax

Unique, scrapeable, smackable, trashy, tight, crisp....the list could go on and on describing the Creative Percussion Guiro Stax. Unique in that it is mounted magnetically, this simple sound effect is unlike anything else on the market. Mount it on your snare drum, floor tom, cymbal, you name it- it has three thin layers of rigid metal which emulate a sound similar to a ribbon crasher, with ridges for the scrape effect of a guiro. On top of the unique sound and design, at a price point below $50 USD, this item is one which caught our eye immediately.

Jingle Bell Tree with Rebound Clutch

Getting a festive sleigh bell, or jingle bell effect has never been easier with the Creative Percussion Jingle Bell Tree. Easily mounting to a standard hi hat pull rod, the innovative Rebound Clutch uses spring tension which can be adjusted to achieve specific rhythms and articulations at a variety of tempos. A no brainer for the active pit musician, or holiday gig, it is a great hands free option to traditional sleigh bells.

Twist Rods

Different than bundle sticks or dowel rods made by other manufacturers, the Creative Percussion Bigfoot Twist Rods and Jazz Twist Rods feature both a shrink wrapped handle for improved grip, and a twisted dowel design which provides customizable feel and sound to the player. With an adjustable spread similar to a wire brush, both the Bigfoot and Jazz twist rods are easily altered to the feel and sound of each player with their sliding O-ring.

Hex Jingle

A unique take on the standard hi hat jingle effect, the Creative Percussion Hex Jingle is a low mass, great sounding alternative which stays out of your way, while providing an authentic hi hat mounted tambourine jingle effect. Sliding easily over your hi hat pull rod, the hex jingle has 3.5" diameter which wont take up too much real estate on your hi hat cymbals. Small but mighty, this effect stacks three sets of four jingles, packing twelve jingles into a less than 4" diameter! Mounted on heat treated steel, this small effect is a great alternative, or fresh take on a foot controlled tambourine effect. It could also be mounted on a drum or cymbal for other great sounds.

Wrapping Up

We are excited at the variety of products Creative Percussion is bringing to our customers at Steve Weiss Music. With more unique items on the way shortly, get in touch with a Percussion Specialist today to get your hands on some of this great new gear!


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