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Almglocken: Tuned and Un-tuned

Quite often at Steve Weiss Music we receive calls or questions from orchestras, percussionists, and musicians of all kind inquiring about our Tuned Almglocken Selection. These inquiries almost inevitably turn to the topic of "so are Almglocken really just traditional cowbells?" Today were going to jump into the world of Almglocken- all the way from individual notes, to how you can mount them easily using the Liberty One Rack.

A Bit Of History

The Almglocken, also known as the Alpine Bells, are a traditional musical instrument with its roots coming from the mountainous regions of Austria and Germany. It is a resonant bell instrument, similar to the modern cowbell, that is played by striking with a mallet or hammer, or an internal clapper. The origins of the Almglocken can be traced back to the 16th century, when bell ringing was popular in the Alpine regions. The first recorded use of Almglocken as a musical instrument dates to the early 19th century, when they were used to accompany folk dances in Austria and Germany. This is likely what inspired Gustav Mahler to write for an Untuned Almglocken Set For Heerdenglocken in his 6th and 7th symphonies. Today, they are still popular for their unique tone and color by many composers and percussionists alike.

Selecting Your Almglocken

Often separated by their octave range due to their size, you can purchase Almglocken in a few configurations, if a series of chromatic notes are needed.

Additionally, Almglocken are sold as Small Untuned and Medium Untuned notes individually for a non pitch specific effect.

Mounting Your Almglocken

The Liberty One Rack has revolutionized the way Almglocken can be mounted for performance, with the creation of the Liberty One Almglocken Clamp. This clamp easily lets you mount individual Almglocken notes to your specifications vertically or horizontally on the Liberty One Rack Bar. This easily allows a performer to set up a collection of pitches, or an entire octave as they please for ease of performance. Gone are the days of notes swaying or moving as you play.

In Conclusion

The Almglocken have become a prevalent part of both the orchestra, and modern percussion ensemble. Here at Steve Weiss Music we can be a resource for when questions regarding gear arise. Get in touch with a percussion specialist for all of your Almglocken needs.


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