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Regal Tip 5A Wood Tip Drumsticks

Model: REG-5A

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The Regal Tip 5A Wood Tip Drumsticks features a medium thick neck, long taper and teardrop bead. Length: 16" Diameter: .580"
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Regal Tip 5A Wood Tip Drumsticks - Product Information

The Regal Tip 5A Wood Tip Drumsticks features a medium thick neck, long taper and teardrop bead.

  • Length: 16"
  • Diameter: .580"

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Regal Tip 5A drum sticks work great for our middle school jazz band - they are all we use!

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Kevin Paustian



Regal Tip 5A


The sticks you sent or got from Regal Tip were wobbily, cross grains at the top near the tip and taper, were way out of spec, 15 and 7/8 long (Short) and .565 diameter when they should have been .580 diameter. I of course was never interested in using them to play, but for someone that does play, they would have been radically different if they had been playing Regal tips that were in spec. That being said, many sticks now are way out of spec. bot Vic Firh and Zildjian are often not in spec as well...Vater, forget about it and the wood that Vater gets from the dowel lady is known as first quality which is another name for second quality, while her first quality is called Premium...So, not sure what this is an indictment of, but there are isn't really anyone in any of the companies that is interested or concerned about specs or quality anymore as they were when the founders were alive. That also being said, setting up a grinder is not that easy for the average person, there are many variables. how high the work rest is set, the gradual diminution of the regulating wheel...whether the tip is supported etc. All complex and compound angles not concerned with by your average minimum wage employee. In the case of Regal tip, the saws were not measured correctly when chucking...(between centers) No one checked with a tape measure...so perhaps the machine drifted...Also, the main knife itself needed some sharpening because there were chunks out of the tip...was dull .The diameter was I think a problem with who ever set up the back knife...not knowing the Regal tip specs so the back knife was shimmed wrongly, that does not drift like grinders can...That is a set up problem...Vater is a deliberate choice in quality of wood and pocket book. Regal tip uses awesome hickory from where the factory is, but the wood is still green..., at least it isn't dried out like the dowels Vater gets...So in all of them, now that the founders are gone, the quality is suffering...Just a job now no different than serving coffee making drumsticks in the USA...End of rant...

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Jeff Rich


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regal tip 5a wood tip drumsticks

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