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Sabian Cymbal Sizzle Rivets (Pack of 12)

Model: SAB-61010-12

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These nickel alloy cymbal rivets add sizzle to any cymbal (package of 12).
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Sabian Cymbal Sizzle Rivets (Pack of 12) - Product Information

These nickel alloy cymbal rivets add sizzle to any cymbal (package of 12).

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Sabian Cymbal Sizzle Rivets (Pack of 25)


A lot of the music I play, being Classic Rock, has all kinds of acoustic drum effects . On Amazon Music, I was listening to a mix and an old favorite came on. I was listening and thinking, "What IS that sizzling sound on the ride cymbal?. So, through effortless research at Steve Weiss Music (.com) I found these Sabian rivets. "Hunh", I thought, "Sounds interesting, inexpensive and simple to install". Then, I read some 'horror' stories at various drumming blogs, about how difficult they were to install, how careful you must be and how someone actually damaged their cymbal installing some rivets. I thought," That's BS, their just rivets - I can do this!!". I once spent a week riveting a new sheet metal floorboard into a rusty old auto! So I got them, found out the quantity and where they should be installed (3" in from the edge & opposite the 'playing' side of the cymbal and 1' apart, do measure twice and drill once!), drilled the proper sized holes (initially 5/64" then 9/64", use safety glasses and use sharp bits! Ask me how I ******* know!!) and cleaned up a few metal burrs with a file. Then, I turned the cymbal upside-down, put the rivets through, put a block of wood behind the rivets and the cymbal. Then I carefully and delicately hammered the proper quantity of 3 rivets into place. It's vital to take your time here so you don't wallop and dent your expensive cymbal. I did an old 20" Meinl HCS crash/ride and a 14" Meinl HCS High Hat, within an hour, including the setup and the clean-up. I thought those old cymbals sounded meh. Now I occasionally use them again for these special effects. It was an easy-peazy install and I REALLY like the new sound texture. You should see those rivets dance when I crash that cymbal! Lol!

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Perry Rotzell


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