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Sabian School Drumset Cymbal Recommendations

By Sabian's Nick Petrella January 2012

The following cymbals were selected because of their sound, durability in a school setting and competitive pricing. All school instrument purchases are protected by the SABIAN Two-Year Warranty. The Series are presented from brightest (XSR) to darkest (HHX).


  • 20" Medium Ride XSR2012B

    Balances stick definition and wash for a clean, musical sound at all volumes. The SABIAN 20" XSR Medium Ride is a bold, punchy ride cymbal, ideal for most musical styles.

  • 16" Fast Crash XSR1607B

    Combining the response of a thin model with the increased power of a medium-weight, the SABIAN 16" XSR Fast Crash is a highly versatile and effective crash for any musical style.

  • 14" Medium Hats XSR1402B

    With a highly-responsive medium-weight top for clear stick definition, and a heavy bottom to boost clarity and cut, the Sabian 14" XSR Medium Hi-Hats in Brilliant Finish are a versatile pairing.

  • 10" Splash XSR1005B

    Fast, bright response of the small, extra-thin SABIAN 10" XSR Splash is ideal for quick, splashy punches and accents that cut in any musical setting.


  • AAX Medium Ride Cymbal

    Crisp, clear stick responses with just the right amount of tone, SABIAN 20" AAX Medium Rides delivers consistently bright, crisp, clear and cutting responses.

  • 16" X-Plosion Crash 21687XB

    Bursting with energy, the innovative SABIAN 16" AAX X-Plosion Crash explodes with a full sound and medium sustain.

  • 14" Medium Hi-Hat

    SABIAN 14" AAX Medium Hats are highly responsive, with bright, clean sounds that cut clearly at any volume level.

  • 10" Splash 21005X

    Extremely fast and very bright, the SABIAN 10" AAX Splash provides plenty of penetrating cut and a quick decay.


  • 21" Complex Ride

    The 21" HHX Complex ride is a great all-around cymbal and one of our most popular rides. It has a nice balance between stick definition and "wash," is dark and also projects.

  • 16" Medium Crash

    This crash is designed for fast, full accents. Its sparkling shimmer makes it a highly versatile crash.

  • 14" Medium Hats

    The funky feel and simmering blend of retro tone and crisp definition make the Sabian 14" HHX Medium Hi-Hats the ideal pairing for grooving. The weights of each cymbal help produce nice definition by either stick or foot pedal.

  • 10" Evolution Splash 11005XEB

    This highly responsive splash cymbal delivers dark, fast and penetrating projection. Its timbre and rapid decay allows it to blend perfectly in most musical situations.

About the Author

Nick Petrella is the Director of Education for Sabian Ltd., and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Percussion at the University of Missouri - Kansas City Conservatory of Music. As a performer he has commissioned and premiered over a dozen compositions and has many solo and chamber music performances to his credit. Nick has played with several large ensembles including the Kansas City Symphony, the Fort Worth Symphony, Fort Worth/Dallas Ballet, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, and Michigan Opera. In 2002, he and pianist Diane Helfers Petrella formed the Petrella Ensemble, which has appeared throughout the US and in Mexico, Poland and the Czech Republic. In September 2008 he was the percussion coach for Xenakis' Pleiades at the 114th BBC Proms Festival in Royal Albert Hall.