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Vic Firth American Classic 85A Drumsticks

Model: VIC-85A

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Vic Firth 85A Wood Tip Drumsticks combine the dimensions of an 8D and 5A. The Vic Firth 85A is a great jazz stick. Length: 16" Diameter: .550"
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Vic Firth American Classic 85A Drumsticks - Product Information

Vic Firth 85A Wood Tip Drumsticks combine the dimensions of an 8D and 5A. The Vic Firth 85A is a great jazz stick.

Length: 16"
Diameter: .550"

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Perfect gigging stick


I have been trying many different sticks for the last couple of months. I play mostly in clubs, halls, auditoriums, the gigging drummer venues. I play mostly straight-ahead, sometimes Top 40, Classic Motown, low, low-medium type gigs. I tried Maple Sticks but after playing Hickory for so long they just did not feel right. I like dynamics, loud to be loud, and soft to soft, not light. Maple sticks seem to sound light, not soft. Hickory has more of a whisper to roar sound, the dynamic range is more versatile. The problem was light hickory sticks sounded like crap if I wanted full volume, (unless miked really good) even miked I still could not hear all the low, medium, highs from the drum shell. Heavy sticks I could control the volume, the softest point started out at 4 compared to 2 with a smaller stick. So when I got loud with Heavier Sticks it was too loud for the music I was playing. I use Moeller Technique, somewhat large hands but not thick, more like long thin piano hands. So a 7A felt a little too light I would have to choke the grip to get certain dynamics, which is waste of motion. A 5A was nice but felt unbalanced up front when I wanted to lay into the drums, I tried the 5A Extreme but felt fine on some songs but sluggish on others. I also tried Vater sticks of variety, they was okay but I have been playing Vic Firths since I started playing drums. The Vaters just did not feel right in my hands, great sticks, and very durable but I like the soft wood of Vic's. So anyway, I originally started my new sticks search with the 85A and went through about 8 different sticks to come back to the 85A. Not too small or big, if I need a serious back-beat I can flip to the butt-end for a serious fat snare 2 & 4. Also .550 seems to be the middle ground for a lot of drummers, Aronoff, Bozzio, Gadd, to name few , all with different tips and tapers but the grip is .550. I tried the Vic Firth Jazz Series but I like to control the stick not the taper, it felt too easy with a thin taper, I like to work the sticks and sweat. That's what drumming is all about anyway, it's physical. So hope this helps someone, and I hope Vic makes the 85A forever.

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Kevin Bradley


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