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Marimba One Custom Marimba Builder

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IZZY Series Height Adjustable Frame

Featuring the Quick Cam Spring Assist, the 4000 series marimba easily adjusts to your preferred height. The end frames are spring loaded for easy lift and lowering, with cam levers that lock the height in place. Next to the marimba one 3000-series, this is the most rigid and durable frame on the market. To raise the marimba, you simply release the cam levers, gently lift to the chosen...

3100 Series Height Adjustable Frame

The 3100 Series marimba offers a large range of height adjustment. It is by far the most rigid and durable marimba frame on the market. This versatile frame is Marimba One's most popular design worldwide. It is portable, easy to adjust, and elegant! The keyboard height adjusts from just under 34 1/4 inches to just over 38 1/2 inches (87 cm to 98 cm). The micro height adjustment system employs...

Soloist Custom All Wood Frame

The Soloist Wood Frame is Marimba One's premium concert marimba. It is a classic, beautiful instrument with an all wood frame that is custom built precisely to your height specifications. The frame is crafted entirely of wood and is ideal for use by an individual player as their signature marimba. Many orchestras also have the Soloist frames for performances because of the visual beauty....

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