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Vintage Leedy Instruments

We collect vintage Leedy Instruments from all time periods and any condition. Please contact us if you have a Leedy Xylophone, Marimba, Marimbaphone, Bell Set, Chimes, Drums, Vibraphone, Tambourine, Wood Blocks, Sound Effects or any novelty instrument you are looking to sell or find out more information about. We also buy vintage Leedy catalogs. We will give you a fair estimate of value for no cost.

The Leedy Drum Company was founded in the late 1898 by Ulysses G. Leedy in Indianapolis, Indiana. The company was unofficially started with Ulysses G. Leedy inventing and patenting the first practical snare drum stand while playing in a theater in Ohio. The Leedy Manufacturing Company quickly grew into a leading innovator of drums, timpani, xylophones, bells, chimes and more. Throughout the years, the company was also known as Leedy & Cooley, Leedy Manufacturing Company, Leedy & Ludwig, and Leedy Drum Company. Leedy brand products are prized today among percussionists both for their quality of construction and their sound.


  • Chris Dixon

    I have a Leedy (Indianapolis, Indiana) chromatic marimba (xylophone) 60" long, 3 1/2 octaves, suspended keys, oak/metal knock-down frame, tin resonators, on casters. It looks old and it sounds great! Can you link me to a website that shares more info? I can send you images if that is helpful. Any more info would be appreciated.

    Steve Weiss Music Response:

    Yes - please email us some photos so we can take a look at it.

  • Jeff Bloom

    Hi. I have a 1960 wooden snare. It had the blue oval 1960 badge when I brought 20 years ago it but that disappeared at some time. The throw off has been replaced with a Ludwig one at some point and one of 2 screws holding the double damper on is missing. It sounds great. I'd love some info and if you know if I can get a screw somewhere. Can send photos. Thanks.

  • Nathaniel Aguilar

    Hello, I own a Leedy club Vibraphone (3 octaves) with the bodine motor (still works). The frame is in fair condition and needs to be repainted and the damper bar needs new rivets (rattles). The bars are in good shape for their age. The bars are not graduated. Would you be interested in buying this or accepting as store credit towards a new vibraphone? It definitely is a historic item...Thanks.

  • Jon Wacker

    I have a 4 octave Leedy Xylophone (model # unknown). When I purchased it, the original steel frame was very flimsy and not good for playing on. I contracted Brian Stotz at Repaircussion to make a custom oak frame for this instrument. It sounds amazing and with the custom frame it is rock solid. Freer Percussion tells me that it is approximately 90-100 years old. Fall Creek tuned the bars about 10 years ago. It is still very well in tune and sounds great.

  • Tom Kavanagh

    I have a metal Leedy xylophone I was given by my grandfather. I have no ideal how old it is. 1940's ish maybe? The wood case is signed by J Engelberts? I think. It's in good shape. Needs to be shined up a bit. Do you have a feel for the value? I'd like to sell it or maybe donate to a local school etc. Thank you Tom

  • Susan Powning

    I have a 3 octave Leedy vibraphone I'd like to sell. I have done some restoration, but it still needs help, especially with the damper. I can send pix.

  • Sam

    I recently purchased a Leedy 5601 solo-tone monarch marimba. I'm just looking for a little more information like roughly how old it is, typical price range, how many were made etc. It also has a white marine pearl wrap applied to the outside faces of the wooden frame and I was wondering if this was an original option or whether this was applied after market.

  • Julia O'Shea

    I have a small vintage Leedy folding marimba I'd love to learn more about. I can send you pictures.

    Steve Weiss Music Response:

    Hi Julia - you can send photos to us via email: info at

  • Michael LaMattina

    I have a 4 octave Leedy George Green Xylophone that I might be looking to sell. It's in excellent condition and I'm hoping it might be worth 4-5k. Not sure though. Thanks!

  • Stephen Webb

    I have my mothers model 5641 Leedy and Ludwig 4 octave marimba. Looking for a cover for it when not in use and also looking to know if there is anything in particular I need to do to properly care for it. Thanks, Stephen

    Steve Weiss Music Response:

    Hi Stephen, Your best bet is to find someone locally that can make a vinyl cover for you. We have had a lot of luck with people who make table or grill covers, so you may want to investigate if there is someone in your area that does that.

  • Dave

    My sister just gave me her Mother's Leedy 3 Octave vibraphone. It's very old, but, in remarkably good condition. Where can I get drive belts for it. Other than that, it just needs a good cleaning. Thanks.

  • Connie Hileman

    I own a 1953 Leedy Ludwig Monarch 4 octave c-c marimba. It was made in Elkhart, Indiana.Tuning Pat #1632751. Also stamped into the low C is the # 5641. My sharp and flat set of bars are tapered, both sets made of British Houduras Rosewood. I'm interested in what my marimba is worth. I have been told because of the bars being tapered, it is more valuable. Can you help me? Thanks!!!

  • Zack Todd

    There is a xylophone in our percussion studio, which I have tracked down on the internet that appears to be a Leedy xylophone from the 1940s. White wooden frame, cardboard resonators due to metal shortage during WW2. The bottom F underneath side says "5648" not sure if that is the model number or not. Just wondering if I could some confirmation on a few things. 1.) Are the bars rosewood? 2.) Is 5648 the model number? If so what other information can you give me on this instrument? Thanks in advance.

  • john n leister

    I recently purchased a 4 octave Leedy Royal Marimba in great shape. The only challenge is that the resonator frame for the "black keys" sags in the middle and causes the bars in the center of the instrument to clang together when struck (both black and white keys). I assume that this is a design flaw. Are you aware of any strategies to remedy this? Many thanks and stay safe.

  • Paul Flanary

    I have a Leedy Xylophone that I'm considering selling. It has a locking wooden case with a leather strap. Would you be interested?

    Steve Weiss Music Response:

    Yes, we would be interested in seeing photographs to identify what instrument it is. Please email us at info at

  • Trey Palmer

    I have an old Leedy xylophone I need to sell, what information do you need to provide an estimate?

    Steve Weiss Music Response:

    It would be best to send us some photos so we can evaluate what model, condition and age.

  • Ginger Leedy

    I am interested in purchasing a Leedy marimba!for my son's 40th birthday. I live in Texas. Is there any way you can help me find one?

  • Craig Bailey

    I have an Glockenspiel it says Leedy and Ludun and company, made in. Elkhart IN. I have pics. Contact me for more info. Thank you..

  • Mike K.

    I have a Leedy rosewood xylophone. The round sticker says L&S. The keys are on 2 levels, some sound cones are dented, with strong steel framing. We are looking to sell. I can send pictures. Obtained from an estate sale.

  • Christine Eckhart

    I have an antique xylophone model 236 . The patent date is August 12, 1918 . I'm looking to sell it and saw you purchase antique Leedy xylophone on this site . Can you let me know what we need to do to sell it to you . Thank you

  • Virginia Sedlock

    I have my grandfathers snare from when he was in the drum and bugle corps . I am guessing he was born around 1880-1890. I would love to find out more about this drum.

    Steve Weiss Music Response:

    You can send us some photos and we'll share some information with you.

  • Matthew Nowak

    I am considering purchasing a complete set of Leedy Honduran rosewood marimba keys. It's a three octave (f - f) set for $300. Is that a reasonable price? Also, I would like to build a marimba from the keys. Our woodworkers guild in Kansas City built one using just a single large resonator box for a school teacher. She had someone create a set of keys made of cherry and it sounds great. Ideally I would prefer to build one using metal tubes or square wooden resonators. Do you have plans for marimbas?

    Steve Weiss Music Response:

    We do not sell plans for making marimbas, but you can find some free ones on the internet. Typically, it would be a much easier to find a used or vintage marimba that needs repair vs making one from scratch with just the keys. Building a marimba and resonators is a very complicated process and we would not suggest it to someone if your end goal is just having a marimba. If your goal is to experience the build process itself, that would be a different situation. $300 for a set of bars in good condition is reasonable.

  • Dan

    I have a Kosth vibraphone. The only marking I can find is stamped A-400 on one of the tone plates. Can you tell me the date of manufacture and approximate value. Are these instruments considered to be of high, mediocre or low quality? Are you able to direct me to any published information re this particular vibraphone? Thank you for your kind consideration.

  • Brent Link

    I have my father's 4 octave Leedy marimba. I can not find a model number but think it is an 806. It was patented Feb. 12 '18. Can you confirm the model? Can I oil the bars to help clean them up? I need new strings to support the bars and cushions that keep the bars from touching the metal that separates the bars. Can you help me?

  • Gary L. Ray

    Leedy three octave rosewood marimba, 1930s, belongs to a local customer. We don't want it, would be happy to add 10% to our cost and ship it to you. The fellow tells us the bars are very good, no serious damage. Let me know if interested. Regards, Gary L. Ray / Wichita Band Instrument Company

  • Shad Frazier

    I have a Leedy xylophone at my new school and the frame is busted up and missing the right half frame for the sharp/flat bars. I'm not able to find a serial number anywhere but it has Leedy and Elkhart, IN. Kind of a black marbley looking finish on the frame.

  • Bert Lerini

    I purchased a Leedy 5632. What can you tell me about this model? Is it a xylorimba? Thanks

  • Don and Deb Bartus

    We have what we believe is a circa 1940's xylophone. Black wooden case, metal keys. Side says Leedy Mfg. Co., Indianapolis IN. Let us know where to look for any other identifying info. Interested in current value and may be willing to sell. Please advise.

  • Michael Reed

    Discovered a Leedy Vibraphone in small college's storage room. Model # 5654. We're curious when it was built.

    Steve Weiss Music Response:

    The Leedy "Club Model" Vibraphone, model# 5654, was probably made in the late 1940s. 3 Octaves, F to F. Bars are 1 3/8" x 1/2".

  • Lurea Benedict

    I have a 4 octave marimba manufactured by Leedy in Indianapolis. Any idea of value or year it was actually manufactured?

  • Kurt

    I have an old leedy snare. Looks like an elite from the 20's. Someone replaced the tension rods. I will send pics.

  • Robert

    I am looking to identify my old marimba and see if it has any value. Leedy 4 octave made in Elkart with aluminum resonators. S-938 stamped in wood frame. Is this a student instrument? I will send photos. Thanks.

  • Jed

    Hi. We have a Leedy xylophone in a wooden case. How do I send you a pic?

    Steve Weiss Music Response:

    You can email us at info at steveweissmusic dot com.

  • Wendy

    I have a 1939 Leedy Marimba. Stamped/embossed 129 and below that stamped 92936. What would the value of this instrument be?

  • Jacob Pranski

    Hello! I hope you are well! I wanted to reach out to you in hopes you maybe able to point me in the right direction. A friend of mine recently came into possession of a J.C. Deagan Chicago Xylophone. She would like to sell it, but I don't know much about vintage instruments. Do you know of anyone who maybe interested in taking a look at it or anything as such? I truly appreciate the time and effort, Im sure you don't have anything else to do. Thank you again!

    Steve Weiss Music Response:

    Please send us some photos and any model numbers you can find via email at info at and we will take a look and let you know.

  • Frank Paputsas

    I have an older marimba that is stamped 641, Tuning Pat. 163275. It's mounted on a more modern steel frame. Email me and I'll forward some pictures. Thanks. Frank

  • Mark

    I have what I believe to be an old Leedy George Hamilton Green Solo-Tone Xylophone with case which I am looking to part with.

  • Bob

    I have a 10 inch Leedy tambourine. It belonged to my grandmother. No broken or missing parts. Skin is intact and held in place with round head pins. Solid wood frame with side handle. Leedy label in perfect condition. I have photos if you would like to see this item.

  • Tonia White

    I have a large bass marching drum. It's been converted into a table, but the actual drum isn't really altered. Completely original parts. Mahogany wood look. I love it, but I sort of wonder if someone who is a real collector might appreciate it more.

  • Christopher Eagles

    I have a vintage Leedy vibraphone that was once owned by Lou Singer, I later purchased it from Ed Mann. The vibraphone is missing the dampening mechanism (dampener, pedal, and cross bar). Are there any collectors who may have spare parts?

  • Ron Greene

    I have a Leedy Mfg. (marked) Model 641 marimba (xylophone) my grandfather played in a dance orchestra in the 1920's in Connecticut. It is in very good condition and plays well. No case. It is 3 1/2 octaves, F to C with each key embossed with the note. It is also marked Tuning Pat. # 1632757. Complete with wheeled stand, resonators, etc. Can you help with history, value? Thank you in advance.

  • Ryan

    I have a Leedy 642 Marimba, can you help me with a rough idea of value? Is this vintage and collectible or usable for a local band program? Bars are in decent shape, so is the original frame and wooden carrying case(s) Thanks!

  • Mary

    The stamp on an A bar says Leedy manufacturing co. Indianapolis but there is no model number. The instrument goes from G to C. 3 1/2 octaves. Can you tell me what model it might be?

    Steve Weiss Music Response:

    Please email us some photos and we will take a look.

  • Marsha Blake

    I have a Leedy Case Vibraphone I would like to sell. It has been in our family for 70 years. My parents were starting a new church work in Rock Island Illinois. It would have been 1947 or '48 when my mother saw an ad listing the vibraphone for sale. They traveled to Boone, Iowa, to purchase it. Since it needed some work done on it, they took it to the plant in Elkhart to have it done. The manager said that it was one of their first models and he called all the employees to come see it. He offered to trade a new model for it, but my mother declined, saying that it was just what she needed. She continued to play it for church services after we moved to a small central Illinois town. When I moved to southeastern Washington state in the early 1960s to teach school and work in an inter-racial mission I brought the vibraphone with me. I played it occasionally for worship services during the next 40 years. It has not been played for several years and I would like to sell it. The foot pedal is evidently older than the instrument. It says, "Made by Leedy Mfg. Co., Indianapolis, Ind." The motor has been worked on during the years, but no longer works. The label on it says that the Patent was Pending. It indicated the Normal Speed as 5 Pulsations per Second. The vibraphone has 32 bars. I cannot find a Serial Number. I can send photos.

  • Michael Fishman

    Hey, I have a vintage Leedy 5612 xylorimba that I would like to sell. I found this to be a fairly rare piece since the production did not last too long. Is this an instrument you would be interested in? Thanks!

  • Cheryl Reckamp

    I have a vintage 5 octave rosewood Leedy marimba that I am interested in selling. Can you tell me what it is worth and if you would like to purchase it? Thanks Cheryl Reckamp

    Steve Weiss Music Response:

    Hi Cheryl, It sounds like you probably have a 5 octave Solo-Tone Grand Marimba-Xylophone (model 5606) or Solo-Tone Monarch Marimba-Xylophone (model 5601). These are not the same as modern 5 octave marimbas and often have bar spacing that makes them difficult to play. Are you able to email us some photos of the instrument to info at

  • Dave Hake

    I have had a Leedy 3 octave vibraphone for 66 years. Got it used when i was 15. Used it during dance band gigs thru high school and intensively during college and grad school years as main income. I doubled piano and vibes in jazz groups for maybe 15 years. Since have just played occasionally at home and very occasionally public performance. Still sounds great but motor has become objectionably noisy. Am trying to have motor rebuilt but need new brush holders, need to have armature rewound, windings and bushings remade. Am willing to have this done but wonder if you can suggest source for buying new or reconditioned motor that will fit my instrument. I can't discover a model number other than on it's Bodine Co. Motor and Bodine is out of business.

    Steve Weiss Music Response:

    A motor shop would be able to tell better tell you if a modern replacement that will fit without too much modification exists. You may want to try contacting Century Mallet Instrument Service in Chicago to see if they have any experience with that motor.

  • Pat Quigley

    Have a Leedy Ludwig 2.5 marimba. Serial #5962. Ludwig unable to find info on instrument but states it's from early to mid 40s. Still holds rich tonation. Resonators in perfect shape. The rubber bottom leg caps disintegrated and replaced by rubber feet for walking canes. Looking to sell.

  • Nathan Beck

    Hello, I have a set of Leedy vibraphone keys & resonators. I'm wondering how much they might be worth. They are just sitting in my basement. I got them from a drummer friend who was in need of $$. The keys seem to be in tune. Resonators are in okay shape... a little scuffed up & very heavy! I also have the motor but do not know if it works. Any advice would be helpful...what they are worth and where I could sell (any place other than Ebay?) Thanks, Nathan Beck

  • Pam

    How can I determine the value of a late 1940 4 octave maramba by Leedy and Ludwig. The keys are rosewood but pipes are aluminum. Pictures available.

  • John W. Parks IV

    Hey there! So I found a Leedy 317 five-octave xylophone/marimba, and am having it reconditioned here in Tallahassee by Matt Coe. I can't find very much about it online; I've reached out to David Harvey on FB (he manages one of the vintage keyboard forums) and was wondering if you knew anything about it? Matt has done some restorative work on our vintage Deagan glockenspiels and xylophones in the past for FSU, so I know he'll do a great job. Thanks and I hope this finds all of you well up there! JP

    Steve Weiss Music Response:

    Hi John, From the examples we have seen, Matt Coe does great work. Do you know if it is a Solo-Tone or Monarch model?

  • laurie balaz

    I have a 3 1/2 octave Leedy xylophone. 992 on the lowest F bar, goes to C. Badge says Indianapolis, Ind. In solid condition, no cracks to the rosewood, and no dents on the pipes. But could use a cosmetic overhaul. Any idea of age or value?

  • Rebecca Sommer

    Have inherited Leedy xylophone parts - 3 1/2 octaves of wooden keys, resonators, no stand. Do you have specs available for what else is needed for restoring this? I have an accomplished woodworker willing to take this on. Thanks!

  • Jane Tammaro

    I have a 8" Leedy gypsy tambourine with red, pink & yellow silk ribbons attatched that I am interested in selling. The tacks are tight but there is an inch tear on the skin. Please let me know if it is something you are interested in. Thanks

  • James Kenniv

    I have come into possession of a Leedy vibraphone that I believe is around 100 years old. It's in great condition. Even came with the original casing, which I still have. The motor worked for a time but then froze. It still hums but doesn't turn. Pretty sure it just needs light maintenance. I would be interested in an evaluation of the instrument and possibly in selling it as well. Please let me know where to find what info you may need to help track down what you need. Thanks.

  • Kevin Stevens

    nice Leedy concert xylophone #5621 beautiful sound w/ chromed resonators Would like to sell is this a G.H.Green Model ?

  • Shaun Urban

    My grandmom has a leedy marimba from the early 40's but it has almost cardboard pipes but sounds amazing she still plays it at church but asked me to find out more about it if i grandfather on the otherhand is interested in how much its worth. Any info would be awesome. Thanks

  • Bradley

    I have a 1920s 4 octave leedy marimba that's also been restored in 1990 and has seen a lot since then, tuned twice. Asking 4000.

  • Karen Wesdorp

    I have an antique Leedy xylophone with nickel keys? in its original wooden case with two sticks. What is its value?

    Steve Weiss Music Response:

    Xylophones have wooden keys, so we will need to see the Leedy instrument to determine the value. Please email us photos and we will identify the instrument you have.

  • Albert Gilewicz

    Greetings, I recently acquired three (3) Leedy Manufacturing Co. Elkhart, IN marching band xylophones that are 2 octave, 24 bars, and in reasonably good shape. At the lower right corner it is stamped with the number "5" on the right side bar that supports the 14 bars. The felt needs replacement and there is some rust on the bolts that hold the bars in place. I am planning to replace the felt and bolts and cleaning up the bars with a soft metal wet sand. I do have a plan for one of the three but have not decided on the other two. Acquiring only one was not an option at the time. Before doing so I thought I would inquire if there is an interest on your firm acquiring any of these as is or as I may restore them. Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response. Sincerely, Al

  • Randolph C Ragland

    I have a Leedy, 4 octaves, 29 bars, and 22 bars. Serial No. 5649-A . I have pictures, I do not see an email?

    Steve Weiss Music Response:

    Hello - you can email photos to info at We will get back to you with a value and identification once we see it.

  • David Hopps

    I have a Leedy and Ludwig marimba looks like rosewood, name visible on bars, also a number 266295 hammered into a metal part also the number 4 . 22 bars, and 15 bars on the top part. Would you like to buy if I send more photos maybe? My knowledge of this instrument is very small

    Steve Weiss Music Response:

    Please email photos of the Leedy Marimba to info at and we will do our best to identify and assess the instrument.

  • Chris McWhorter

    Acquired a Leedy & Ludwig Glockenspiel and stand at a Peddlers Mall. Curious to know value. May consider selling.

    Steve Weiss Music Response:

    Please send us an email with some photos of the Leedy Glockenspiel so we can try to identify the model and condition.

  • Doug Lloyd

    I've acquired a set of Leedy Vibes. I suspect they are from the late 30s to mid 40s Model 5654. I believe they have been reconditioned. They are in mint condition, not a scratch. Everything works great!. F-F 3 octave. Sound great! Any idea of the value?


    I have a cica 1920, four octaves rose wood and shell trim marimba. Leedy manufacturing company, Elkhart Indiana 5611 I paid $3500 for five years ago. I bought it from a local high school music teacher. I am interested in selling it and hopefully will get back what I paid for it.

  • Jacob Samuel Bryson

    I met some folks who have an old Leedy 641 Marimba. The instrument belonged to her father's sister. Her father was born in 1910 and the sister was born about twenty years earlier. According to the owners of the instrument, her name was Fern Daniels and she played all over the L.A. area and perhaps around California. They suspected the instrument was purchased sometime right around the turn of the century or just before. I suspect it was probably built in the 1910s or 1920s. They are considering selling the instrument and want to know more about it and estimated value. It is in very good shape (much better than I expected when a friend called me about it). I would appreciate any information you can provide. Best wishes, Sam Bryson

  • phillip Green

    Found an old Leedy tambourine, double rows of symbols, has what looks like old copper stamp on side that says Leedy Indianapolis, Indiana. On inside of tambourine someone wrote; Ruth Madeline Shannon. Any ideas of its' worth?

    Steve Weiss Music Response:

    Hi - please send us some photos at info at and we will help determine the value. What does it appear the tambourine jingles are made of? Does it have a tambourine head on it without any tears? Is anything written on the head?

  • Claire

    Hello! I have a set of Leedy bells from the 1930s or earlier. They are in good condition with a bit of tarnish. I'm wondering about their value. Thanks for your help!

    Steve Weiss Music Response:

    Please send us some photos at info at and we will take a look. Once we identify the model and condition, we will let you know the value.

  • Georgia Green

    Hello, My husband used to play the xylophones and things in different bands around the USA, but now he just sits on the couch drawing cartoons. He has a lot of xylophones and things laying around the attic. He used to be big in the movies and radio. Do you know anyone who would be interested in his stuff? He and his brother Joe used to have a family band, a lot of the instruments have their names on them. Please let me know if someone might have interest in these instruments as some of the edges are very sharp and dangerous for our great-great-great grand children who run around very quickly. Sincerely, Georgia Green

  • Jon

    I recently found a Leedy xylophone in my grandmother's attic. It seems very old and is very dirty, but I think it is complete and all original. It sounds pretty good. A few of the bars say "Leedy Mfg Co Indianapolis Ind". The lowest bar has the numbers 652 printed on it. Can you please give me an estimate on age and value? Would you be interested in buying?

    Steve Weiss Music Response:

    It sounds like you have a Leedy 652 Xylophone, which is 4-octaves and has rosewood bars. In good original condition, we would expect the value to be somewhere between $2000 and $2500 to the right player. We will need to see some photos of the xylophone to judge the condition and if we are interested in buying. Please send some photos to info at